15 Amazing Nabisco Oreo Pie Crust Recipes To Make At Home

Everyone loves Oreos! There’s an excellent reason that they are one of the most popular types of cookies available in the world.

Oreos, produced by the Nabisco company, come in many unique flavors, but none are quite as iconic as the classic chocolate and vanilla variety.

15 Amazing Nabisco Oreo Pie Crust Recipes To Make At Home

And one of the absolute best things about Oreos that has been discovered in the last few years is that they are totally versatile, and can be used in countless different ways to create unique dishes such as cheesecakes, milkshakes, and brownies! 

But easily one of the most unique uses for the classic cookie is as a pie crust! But how can you possibly make a pie crust out of Oreos, I hear you say!

Well, if you’ve ever wondered this yourself, then let the following amazing 15 recipes do the talking! There are some really great recipes here that you definitely are not going to want to miss, so make sure to read on down below! You don’t want to miss out!

1. Life Love And Sugar

This recipe is incredibly remarkable because it will show you how to create the perfect Oreo pie crust with only two ingredients!

You may not think that it would be possible to create a perfect pie crust with just two ingredients, but this recipe definitely shows you how!

Best of all, once you have added the filling to the Oreo pie crust, you can easily then bake the pie, or leave it totally unbaked. Either way, it will still come out feeling and tasting perfect!

2. Everyday Pie

This pie crust recipe takes full advantage of the natural texture of Oreos to create a crust that remains crunchy and satisfying with every bite. 

This is definitely a great recipe to follow if you want to create a base for a cheesecake as well, as it boasts the perfect texture. 

This recipe is very uncomplicated, which makes it very easy to follow, and in no time you will be creating the perfect chocolate pie crust!

3. Grow With Doctor Jo

Oreos and butter. Turns out, that’s all you really need to create the perfect sweet pie crust using Oreos! This recipe is one of the absolute best that we have ever seen on the internet! It’s simple and effective, and totally easy to follow.

It also strikes the perfect balance between oreo and butter to create a crust that is sweet and simple.

4. What’s Cooking America

This is a pie crust that is totally built to last. It holds up incredibly well once filled with your favorite fillings, which makes it a very simple and effective alternative to a standard pie crust. 

One of the best things about this recipe is that it is easy to follow, and takes only 10 minutes to put together, to create a perfect base for your next dessert treat!

5. Namely Marly

This is definitely a shoo-in for this list, thanks to how effectively the recipe is laid out. There’s no room for confusion when it comes to this recipe due to how well it is put together.

Images and words combine wonderfully to make this an incredibly effective recipe!

6. The Recipe Shack

If you’re a total Oreo aficionado, and you want to show off your love for some of the many different Oreo varieties, then this recipe definitely has you covered.

It will show you not only how to make standard Oreo pie crust, but also one using your favorite variety of Oreo cookies!

This recipe will also show you how to create the perfect texture for your crust so that it tastes perfect every time.

7. Live Well Bake Often

This recipe is actually decidedly deceptive, especially considering the name of the website it is hosted on.

No baking is needed at all to pull this recipe off, and once you have created the perfect crust from your Oreos, you can then easily fill it with any filling that takes your fancy!

But if you do wish to bake the pie after filling it, the Oreo crust will still come out tasting totally perfect, and likely will have an even more satisfying crunch!

8. Meaningful Eats

If gluten is of particular concern to you, then you may want to give this recipe some particular attention.

This recipe will show you how to easily make use of gluten-free Oreos, and even how to combine them with dairy-free binding agents to create perfect Oreo pie crusts even for those with special dietary needs!

This crust also helps you to strike a perfect balance between sweetness and savory flavor to create the perfect dessert.

9. Wild Wild Whisk

This recipe will not only show you how to create the perfect crust for a dessert pie but also how to create the perfect base for a cheesecake or your favorite kind of tart! 

This is something of an underrated recipe that we feel deserves a little more attention. It’s simple but incredibly effective. You’ll be making perfect pie crusts from the very first time. 

10. Baking A Moment

If you have a food processor waiting to be used in your kitchen, then this recipe will show you how to easily put it to good use to create the perfect pie crust using your favorite oreo cookies. 

Using a food processor helps to make an incredibly easy recipe all the easier. This is one of the very best Oreo pie crust recipes we have ever come across online.

It’s totally easy, and simple, and results in the perfect pie crust that will easily help you to create a perfect dessert that anyone will love.

11. Beyond Frosting

Whether you want to create your pie crust with or without baking, this recipe will show you how to do it perfectly. It is perfectly written to help you to make the crust without baking and also with baking.

No matter how you make your dessert pie, this recipe will show you how to do it perfectly every time!

12. Little Sunny Kitchen

Not only will this fabulous recipe show you how to create the perfect Oreo pie crust, but it will also show you how to create the perfect filling to go within it that requires no baking whatsoever.

If you want to create a perfectly creamy and chocolatey dessert that everyone at your dinner table will love, then this is the recipe that you will want to follow.

No baking is needed, and it results in the perfect dessert for all, making it a relaxing and easy recipe to get involved with.

13. Crazy For Crust

This is another fabulous recipe for anyone out there that loves Oreo cookies, and all of the many varieties they come in. 

No matter which variety of Oreos you choose, this recipe will help you to create a satisfyingly crunchy pie crust that works as a perfect base for every dessert you could possibly make.

As with all of the best Oreo pie crust recipes, this recipe is incredibly easy to follow, incredibly simple, and results in the perfect dessert!

14. The Spruce Eats

This recipe starts off by showing you how to create an Oreo pie crust with ease and then shows you how you can then easily top that with Oreo-infused ice cream to create easily the ultimate dessert of decadence. 

Best of all, despite including a few more extra steps than some of the other recipes on this list, this recipe is incredibly easy and takes very little time to follow. In just a few minutes you will have a perfect dessert for placing into the freezer.

15. Chef In Training

Let’s close off this list with one of our absolute favorite Oreo pie crust recipes. It’s not easy to put your own spin on an Oreo pie crust recipe, but the creative geniuses at Chef In Training seem to have found an easy way to do it! 

This is one of the softest and most decadent Oreo pie crust recipes on this list. It simply melts away on your tongue to release its rich and chocolaty flavors.

And despite this, it still retains its structural integrity no matter what you put into it, which makes it perfect for creating sweet pies that you will love, and that you can very easily serve at various social functions!

To Wrap Up

Those are just a small few of the very best Oreo pie crust recipes that you can find on the internet. However, we just know that these are the very best of the best.

If you’re looking for sheer dessert goodness, then these are definitely the absolute best recipes to check out! 

Mark Williams