15 Best Blackberry Cobbler Recipes With Bisquick To Try Today

A nice and fruity blackberry cobbler is one of the best desserts out there, especially when it’s the premade Bisquick baking mix.

15 Best Blackberry Cobbler Recipes With Bisquick To Try Today

After all, what tastes better than a dessert? A dessert that has been quick and easy to make!

However, given that blackberry cobbler with Bisquick is such a popular and tasty dessert, there are lots of recipes for it out there.

How can you quickly find the one that’s going to be best for you? 

Well, we’ve done the work for you! In our handy guide below, we’ve gathered together the15 best blackberry cobbler recipes with Bisquick for you to try today.

If your mouth isn’t watering by the start of the list, it will be by the end! Find some new dessert inspirations now and get baking!

15 Best Blackberry Cobbler Recipes With Bisquick To Try Today

1. Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

We’re starting the list off with this recipe for a brilliantly tasty Bisquick blackberry cobbler, a dessert that is just perfect for summer afternoons!

Even better, it’s an incredibly easy recipe to follow and only takes minutes to prepare it before cooking. Easy!

When we said simple, we meant simple: this only requires five ingredients!

You’ll need four cups of blackberries (they can be either fresh or frozen), some butter, a helping of sugar, and some milk. Oh, and not to mention the Bisquick!

Follow the instructions and you should have the dessert prepared in just 10 minutes, before putting it in the oven for a further 50 minutes.

2. Quick And Easy Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

Here is another mouthwatering dessert for a quick and easy blackberry cobbler dessert!

You can make this in a relatively short amount of time, meaning that it’s a great speedy dessert for whenever you get the hunger for it. Trust us, you’ll be coming back for second servings!

There are only a handful of ingredients that are needed for this recipe.

You’ll need your blackberries and Bisquick, but also some milk, sugar, oil, sugar, and water. 

Simply follow the clear directions, and you’ll be able to put together a very tasty treat indeed.

3. Simple Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

If you want a Bisquick blackberry cobbler that’s completely delicious and yet very easy to make, then this is a great recipe to follow. 

They describe blackberry cobbler as a mix between buttermilk pancakes and a blackberry pie – and they’re not far off! It’s certainly as delicious as a combination of those two sounds.

The cobbler is so mouthwatering because it has a perfect blend of textures, with the sweet juiciness of the blackberry and the fluffiness of the cobbler. 

4. 5 Ingredient Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

As you can tell from the title, this is going to be a ridiculously easy and quick recipe to follow for a tasty blackberry cobbler.

It only takes five ingredients, meaning that even a more inexperienced baker should be able to do it with ease. 

Those five easy ingredients are: Bisquick, butter, milk, sugar, and frozen blackberries.

Of course, you can swap the blackberries out for another fruit if you wish, like raspberries or peaches.

Better yet, why not use a combination? Blackberry and raspberry would make a particularly delicious cobbler!

5. Tangy And Tasty Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

This recipe for a tangy and tasty Bisquick blackberry cobbler is a great dessert to make on a summer afternoon, especially if you’ve got some freshly picked blackberries that day.

However, freshness isn’t a necessity! You can use frozen blackberries and still get a dessert that is just as delicious. 

You’ll only need a handful of ingredients to follow this simple recipe.

You’ll want blackberries (fresh or frozen), sugar, milk, butter, cornstarch, and Bisquick.

On top of that, you’ll also want a bit of lemon juice! This will give it a tiny edge of extra tanginess.

6. Amazing Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

Here is another easy to follow recipe for a delicious Bisquick blackberry cobbler that will take just minutes to prepare.

By the end, you’ll have a perfectly fruity and crisp cobbler to enjoy. You’re certain to want seconds, so it’s a relief that the recipe is so easy to follow again.

You’ll need just five ingredients for this recipe: blackberries, butter, Bisquick, sugar, and milk.

It couldn’t be simpler! Follow the instructions and you’ll have a mouthwatering Bisquick blackberry cobbler in no time. 

7. Lovely Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

This recipe will give you a perfectly gooey, luxuriously crispy Bisquick blackberry cobbler that is simply oozing with flavor and juiciness.

The key ingredients include blackberries and cinnamon, as well as cornstarch, sugar, and water.

However, you then use the Bisquick to help make the delicious topping, which also requires some melted butter, a quarter of a cup of milk, and two teaspoons of sugar.

By the time you’ve finished following the clear and quick instructions, you’ll have a wonderful cobbler prepared and ready for the oven.

After around 30 minutes of baking, you’ll be taking a golden, gorgeous Bisquick blackberry cobbler out of the oven. 

Leave it to cool down and dig in!

8. Phenomenal Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

Following this simple recipe will give you one of the greatest desserts to enjoy on a summer’s afternoon – the blackberry cobbler.

Better yet, like all the other recipes, it’s made super easy through the use of the Bisquick baking mixture.

The recipe uses a handful of core ingredients, most of which you might already have around the kitchen.

You’ll need your blackberries (fresh are best, but frozen work too), Bisquick mix, some granulated sugar, milk, and butter. 

9. Easy And Tasty Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

You can enjoy the perfect summertime dessert by following this quick and easy recipe for a Bisquick blackberry cobbler.

Betty Crocker is the master of baked goods, too, so you know this recipe is going to come out with something special!

If you’re fortunate enough to have some juicy fresh blackberries, then they will work a treat! If not, though, don’t worry! Frozen blackberries will work well too.

There are a handful of ingredients to this simple recipe, and you can even add some ice cream or whipped cream onto the dessert afterwards too for extra flavor.

10. Easy Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

This recipe for a Bisquick blackberry cobbler is one that will give you a fantastically delicious dessert, and one that you can keep returning to again and again in the future. 

It takes only four ingredients: blackberries, Bisquick, milk, and sugar. It couldn’t be easier!

11. Mouthwatering Blackberry Cobbler

This recipe for blackberry cobbler doesn’t contain Bisquick in it, but instead tells you how to make the baking mix yourself. Well, we can’t have that, can we?

I mean, you can follow the instructions for the baking mix if you want, but it will require more time and more ingredients!

For those who want to make the recipe much easier, simply omit the flour, baking powder, and salt from the instructions! 

12. Old Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler

Similarly, this old fashioned blackberry cobbler recipe also doesn’t use Bisquick in it.

Instead, it details all the ingredients and steps that you would need to make the blackberry cobbler from scratch. 

However, that’s a bit too much effort for us! Why do that when you can just use Bisquick instead?

Simply miss out the baking powder, flour, and salt, and replace them with some Bisquick baking mix. Easy!

13. Very Easy Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

Back to Bisquick! And back to basics, too. This recipe tells you exactly how you can make an easy blackberry cobbler with the use of Bisquick.

Before you know it, you’ll have a crispy and golden dessert ready for you to eat and enjoy.

With this, the cobbler topping is made out of bisquick, butter, sugar, and milk. Delicious!

14. Simple Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

With this simple recipe, you can have a delicious Bisquick blackberry cobbler ready within an hour.

The tartness of the blackberries goes perfectly with the sweetness of the cobbler topping, creating a perfect blend of flavors and textures for your mouth.

The recipe lists what you would need without Bisquick baking mix, but also says that you’re welcome to use it in place of mixing together an egg, some flour, and a bit of sugar.

As for the other ingredients, you will need: blackberries (either fresh or frozen), lemon zest to give it an extra tart edge, and some sugar. 

15. Yummy Bisquick Blackberry Cobbler

Finally, we’ve got another quick and easy recipe for a delicious blackberry cobbler – using Bisquick to save time and effort!

All you need are blackberries (fresh or frozen, it’s up to you!), Bisquick, sugar, and a stick of butter.

After you’ve made it, you can serve it with some mouthwatering and cool vanilla ice cream, or even some whipped cream if you like things lighter.

Final Thoughts

A blackberry cobbler is one of the best desserts there is, and making it is even quicker when you use Bisquick.

Use our guide to the 15 best Bisquick blackberry cobbler recipes!

Mark Williams