15 Best Chicken And Mushroom Pie Recipes To Try Today

The combination of chicken and mushroom is a totally classic one. The two ingredients seem to combine together so magically that it almost seems impossible!

It’s easy to pick up a simple chicken and mushroom pie at your local grocery store, but there are few joys quite as amazing as making your very own chicken and mushroom pie! 

15 Best Chicken And Mushroom Pie Recipes To Try Today

The only trouble is, it is generally easier said than done to make your own chicken and mushroom pie. And there are so many recipes out there across the internet that claim to show you the best way to do it!

But what is the best way to make a chicken and mushroom pie?

If you have been scouring the internet looking around for the perfect recipes, but have found yourself going round in circles, then prepare to get exactly what you are looking for!

Read on below to find out 15 of the very best chicken and mushroom pie recipes in the world!

1. Good To Know

The inclusion of ingredients like white wine, double cream, and thyme help to make this easily one of the most unique pies on this list.

We couldn’t believe just how well the ingredients combined together to elevate the classic flavor combination even more! 

And this is to say nothing of the totally magical texture of the puff pastry. It practically melts away in your mouth, leaving behind a warming combination of flavors that perfectly complements the flavors of the chicken and mushrooms. 

2. Good Housekeeping

The smell of this pie, as it baked, was enough to have our mouths watering in anticipation of finally getting a taste of it! When it comes to classically-styled chicken and mushroom pies, this is one of the absolute best! 

Your whole home will soon smell of delightfully warm notes that only grow stronger as the pie bakes. When you eventually pull it out of the oven, the feel of the crust crackling as you slice it makes the eventual taste of the pie even more fantastic.

3. My Gorgeous Recipes

The name of this website could not be any more appropriate! This is a totally gorgeous recipe for chicken and mushroom pie that we know you will just love.

The sheer creaminess of the sauce contained within the pie makes every bite worth it. Even simply slicing into the pie, and watching as the thick, creamy, and tasty sauce oozes out is a pure delight. 

This dish comes out of the oven tasting like a full gourmet meal, and yet only takes a very short amount of time to make! Want to enjoy a nice meal without having to spend countless hours making it? Try this recipe! 

4. Pinch Of Nom

Worried about the potential calorie count of making a chicken and mushroom pie? Don’t worry, because we have you covered! This amazing recipe, which only takes half an hour to make, has an impressively low calorie count of only around 247 calories! 

And despite being such a healthy alternative to a standard chicken and mushroom pie, this is still a decadent, delicious, and moreish recipe that will make for a perfect meal to satisfy everyone in your family! 

5. Entertaining With Beth

The inclusion of caramelized onions in this recipe helps to elevate it even further than ever before. It adds an element of sharp sweetness that makes everything within the pie work wonderfully. 

This recipe also includes small bites of bacon that help to give the dish a slight saltiness, as well as a contrasting texture that works beautifully alongside the tenderness of the chicken and mushrooms.

6. Erren’s Kitchen

Had enough of all of the many ordinary chicken and mushroom pies that you can find across the internet? Then we just know that you will adore this recipe from Erren’s Kitchen.

The addition of cheesy flavor in this recipe helps to take what could be an ordinary chicken and mushroom pie and makes it totally incredible.

It’s very tough to resist the urge to go back for seconds with this recipe. You’ll definitely find that it is popular when you serve it! 

7. Hello Hooray

It’s no surprise that Jamie Oliver is an internationally recognized chef. He clearly knows what he is doing, and this recipe proves this once and for all.

Best of all, even though this recipe produces a golden pie that almost looks better than anything else on this list, it can be made in as few as 30 minutes, helping to save you plenty of time in the kitchen!

We were totally blown away by this pie, and we couldn’t wait to take a bite as we smelt it baking in the kitchen!

8. Afelia’s Kitchen

The creaminess is definitely the name of the game with this recipe. It truly is one of the creamiest chicken and mushroom pies that we have featured yet on this list.

Every single bite will have you in heaven. The creaminess of the sauce makes this an easy dish to pair with mashed potatoes which will very quickly absorb the savory flavors. 

We also loved the soft texture that the pastry itself took on with this recipe. It crumbled away beneath our forks as we ate into the pie, yet still gave enough resistance to be satisfying to eat! 

9. Creme De La Crumb

Unlike some of the other recipes that we have looked at so far in this list, this recipe actually boasts a slightly more intense sauce. The sauce has a deep brown color that perfectly prepares your palate for the rich and savory taste that it also boasts. 

And as if chicken and mushroom weren’t a good enough combination, you could make it an even more magical match by adding some bacon in too!

This recipe makes perfect use of bacon to add a meaty and salty flavor to the whole pie, making it all the more satisfying. As if you needed to be convinced of the glory of bacon! 

10. Moy Park Chicken

If creaminess is your favorite part of a chicken and mushroom pie, well, we just know that this recipe will prove to be an absolute treat for you.

This is one of the creamiest chicken and mushroom pies that we have ever come across, and this recipe will show you how to make it perfectly every single time. 

Best of all, it takes less than an hour to whip it all up!

11. Casually Peckish

If you want to save time and money when making a chicken and mushroom pie, then this recipe will show you how to perfectly employ pre-rolled puff pastry that you can easily lay out over the top of the filling as it cooks!

It’s incredibly fulfilling, and though it may be made on a budget, it is still full of classic flavors that you have likely come to love over the years. The combination of herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients helps to make this a genuinely satisfying meal for all! 

12. Sunday Supper Movement

If you actually do have a little bit more time on your hands, then this is a great recipe that can help you to get involved at every step of the production process to create a delightful pie that will satisfy everyone at the dinner table.

There are few things more satisfying after a long day at work than a tasty pie, and this recipe fully recognizes that. As you put the pie together, you no doubt will find your cravings running wild as you smell the combination of flavors coming together! 

13. Your Guardian Chef

If your favorite part of a chicken and mushroom pie is the pastry itself, then why not enjoy a pie that is entirely focused on it? This double-crust pie is full of wholesome flavor, and the crumbly and soft texture of the pastry itself is totally divine. 

The way that the pastry absorbs the flavors of the sauce makes every bite burst with flavor.

14. Vegan Food & Living

Want to enjoy a classic chicken and mushroom pie alongside some vegan guests? Then this recipe will totally blow you away. You can use any of your favorite plant-based chicken alternatives, as the sauce in this recipe will help you to take full advantage of it!

15. Lang Bein

Adding some extra leeks to a standard chicken and mushroom pie recipe can very easily elevate it to brand new heights! 

The fresh and fragrant taste of the leeks works perfectly with the warmth of the chicken and mushrooms, and this recipe will show you how to combine them with absolute panache! 

To Conclude

These are just a small handful of the thousands and thousands of chicken and mushroom pie recipes that litter the internet! But they are also amongst the absolute best.

We can assure you that these recipes will deeply satisfy people of all tastes, and will go down a treat when you serve them at your dinner table! 

Mark Williams