15 Best Fresh Cherry Cobbler Recipes To Try Today

There are few dessert options better than a fresh cherry cobbler.

In fact, it’s among some of the most popular choices for a family dinner, especially during times of celebration.

15 Best Fresh Cherry Cobbler Recipes To Try Today

However, what you might not know is that fresh cherry cobbler can be tweaked and you can alter the recipe in lots of different ways. 

We’ve written this handy list to show you 15 of the best fresh cherry cobbler recipes which can really make your dinner amazing. 

Read on and learn much more!

What Is Cherry Cobbler?

Cherry cobbler is a type of dessert that is hugely popular, especially in the United States.

It’s essentially a pastry dessert with a specific type of filling – in this instance, it’s cherries. 

You can make a whole host of different cobblers, usually they are made with fruit but you can also use some vegetables if you wish to.

You can also modify them with different substitutes for your ingredients. 

For those of you reading outside of the United States, you may know cobbler under the lesser known name of crumble.

While there are slight differences to the two different pastries, they are essentially the same thing just under a different title.

Now that we know what a cherry cobbler is, it’s now a good idea that we look at why people absolutely love this choice! 

Why People Love Cherry Cobbler

There’s numerous reasons why people say they absolutely adore cherry cobbler, but perhaps some of the biggest reasons are the following.

It’s Easy 

Whichever of the recipes we’ll show you that you decide to go for, the best thing is that they are very easy to make. 

They’re quick and pretty simple to follow. All you’ll need to do is remember to follow the instructions and always preheat your oven! 

It’s Delicious 

Cherry cobbler is one of the tastiest desserts you could decide to make and then ultimately eat.

The sweetness of the cherries is brought out naturally through the heat and mixing of the sugars. 

It’s Non-Seasonal

Unlike some pies and other desserts, a cherry cobbler can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

You can really sink your teeth into this at the start of the year, the middle of the year and the end of the year! 

The Classic 

The classic cherry cobbler is made with sugar, lemon juice, cornstarch, vanilla extract and almonds – with of course, some amazing fresh cherries.

Add all of these ingredients into a pan and stir until you get the desired consistency and results.

You’ll then add butter and allow it to sit and melt. 

Once the butter has melted, you’ll need to make the batter.

You do this by mixing flour, baking powder and salt along with the same sugar you were using before. 

Pour this batter mixture into the melted butter dish and mix together along with fresh cherries and then sprinkle a nice helping of cinnamon over the top. 

You need to then bake this for about 40 minutes until the whole thing goes golden brown. 

Canned Cherries 

If you don’t have the luxury of getting yourself some fresh cherries, then you can substitute them for canned cherries that you can buy at any good grocery store. 

However, due to their preservatives – the sugar levels will likely increase, which is something you need to be aware of.

Not only this, but the cherries will also probably be in a fruit sucrose liquid. 

You must drain this liquid before you add these cherries to the mixture. Ideally, you would let these cherries settle before adding them into your mixture. 

Milk Instead Of Butter 

Butter is a key component in creating the desired texture and consistency of a cobbler – but this does not mean that you have to use it. 

In fact, full fat whole milk can work just as well, especially if you’ve been using a low fat butter.

The process remains the same, but you may need to mix a little longer with milk than you would with butter. 

Switch Up The Sugar 

Generally speaking, you would use confectioners sugar or granulated sugar with a cherry cobbler.

However, there’s nothing to stop you switching this up and using brown sugar instead.

15 Best Fresh Cherry Cobbler Recipes To Try Today

You might notice that brown sugar causes a slight change in the taste and can sometimes increase the rate of how quickly the cobbler will cook overall. 

A Honey Glaze 

This recipe is essentially the same as the classic cobbler, except you’re going to add an amazing addition of honey.

In the batter mixture, add a helping of honey and then, before it goes into the oven, add another helping across the top.

In the oven, this will cause a beautiful honey glaze that is hard to beat!

Extra Fruit Flavor 

Why just limit yourself to only using cherries when you can add a lovely helping of another fruit? 

With cherries, they tend to go well with citric fruits like apples.

We recommend slicing up some cooking apples and cooking them into a pan before adding them to the mixture. 

From here, you can add the rest and continue as normal!

Add Apple Pie Spice 

Apple pie spice brings a feeling of homeliness and a return back to normality.

It’s usually used during the winter, especially during the Holiday season. 

However, if you want to recapture this feeling, why not add some apple pie spice when you mix in the cinnamon.

Even better, replace the cinnamon with apple pie spice. 

Make It Gluten Free 

If you have dietary requirements, why not make the cobbler gluten free?

All you need to do here is replace the flour with a gluten free flour mix.

The same applies to any other ingredients you are using – just check the label! 

Don’t Cook The Filling 

You can actually enjoy a cherry cobbler without cooking the filling!

You literally just avoid the saucepan with the mixture and do the mixing without the heating! 

Tart Cherries 

Tart cherries can work just as well for a cherry cobbler, but you’ll need to remember to add much more sugar to the filling if you’re going to use these.

Frozen Cherries 

There’s also nothing wrong with using frozen cherries. However, these are the last of the cherries you would want to use.

If you do choose this option, remember to add more cornstarch to the mixture to keep the consistency. 

The Ice Cream Addition 

There’s many ways you can serve a cherry cobbler, but one of the favorites is using ice cream to finish it off.

Place ice cream on top of a piping hot cherry cobbler and watch it melt and slide down the sides! Truly beautiful! 

Custard Time 

Another way you can finish off a great cherry cobbler is by adding piping hot custard.

Of course, you’d probably want to let the whole thing cool down before you tuck in, but the premise remains the same as the ice cream.

Personal preference comes into the equation here of course, along with any dietary requirements.

Add Rhubarb 

Rhubarb is relatively an unused variation when it comes to cherry cobbler, but it really helps to bring out the natural sweetness of a cherry cobbler and creates more of a crunch. 

Create A Chocolate Filling 

Another great way you can modify a cherry cobbler is by making the filling not only fruity, but sweet and chocolatey too! 

All you need to do is add some chocolate pudding pie mixture into the filling when you are preparing it.

It can significantly increase the richness of the cherries and adds an amazing twist to the cobbler’s taste. 

This method is best enjoyed with whipped cream on the top and then with a side of a warm beverage, like coffee or hot chocolate! 

So, if you’re a chocolate lover – this is the recipe variation for you! You can also modify this further by using white or dark chocolate mixture instead.

What Are The Best Cherries To Use?

Nothing will beat using fresh cherries in your recipe, so if you have this option then we would certainly recommend that first.

However, sometimes this is not possible so we understand you may need to opt for canned or frozen – just be sure you’re adding more sugar or cornstarch to the mixture. 

Is Cherry Cobbler Bad For You?

Cherry cobbler can be high in calories and sugar, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional serving of a cherry cobbler! 

The Bottom Line 

Cherry cobbler can be one of the best finishing touches to a meal, but sometimes you want to make the recipe your own.

Follow some of these choices and you’ll make yourself look like a supreme chef!

Mark Williams