15 Best Mini New York Cheesecake Recipes To Try Today

New York cheesecake is pretty much the most iconic form that cheesecake can possibly take.

It essentially established the standard by which most other cheesecakes are judged, and has rightly become a classic in the world of desserts.

But how could you possibly make a New York cheesecake even better?

Well, by making it miniature of course! Miniature desserts are a great way to enjoy sweet flavors, as they help to make them bitesize, and incredibly easy to eat. Thus, New York cheesecakes in a miniature form are totally worth checking out for yourself. 

But how do you actually make mini New York cheesecakes of your own? Is there a best way to do it?

Out of all of the many recipes for the dessert, which ones stand out as the best of the best? Which ones should you try making? 

If you have been pondering these questions yourself, then you have come to the perfect place, as we are going to look at 15 of the very best recipes for miniature New York cheesecakes below!

1. Healthy French Wife

We figured that we would kick off this list with this recipe, just in case there were any readers out there concerned with enjoying a New york style cheesecake while sticking to a vegan diet!

This recipe is almost magical, considering just how well it manages to recreate the classic New York cheesecake experience, except in an entirely vegan-friendly form! 

The cheesecakes themselves also look totally adorable. They look exactly as you would expect an ordinary New York cheesecake to look, except much smaller! It’s a delight to witness for yourself.

2. Joy Of Baking

Sometimes, simple is best, this recipe will show you how to create deceptively simple mini cheesecakes that hide a wonderful New York-inspired flavor. 

The graham cracker base is also incredibly buttery and easy to bite into.

The way it crumbles away in your mouth as you bite into it is to die for! Try these out for yourself, because we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

3. Hummingbird High

While this New York cheesecake may not be exactly snack size, it is still much smaller than your average cheesecake!

We loved just how simple this recipe was. The resulting cheesecake looked incredibly adorable, and its simple shape and color immediately had our mouths watering. 

We could practically taste the vanilla used throughout the cheesecake just by looking at it.

And once we tasted it, our minds were blown. However, we’ll let you make it yourself to experience that glory! 

4. Knead Some Sweets

The small layer of fruity compote spread across the top of these mini cheesecakes helps to wake up your tastebuds with every single bite.

The sharp tang of the strawberry or raspberry compote (depending on which you use) primes your mouth to experience the creamy vanilla flavor that awaits within the cheesecake itself.

And the buttery and crumbly base helps to give each mini cheesecake that final sense of bite that really draws the whole experience together. 

5. State Of Dinner

Put some fresh individual raspberries or strawberries on top of these mini cheesecakes to immediately get a sense of the adorable scale of them.

Their size helps to make them very nice and easy to bite into, and also makes them easy to dish out and serve at a party or dinner function!

The light frosting atop each cheesecake also helps to give them a bit of visual flair to make them all the more appetizing. 

6. Eating Well 

Greek yogurt is one of the key ingredients in this recipe that helps it to stand out immediately from the crowd. 

The Greek yogurt helps to give the cheesecakes a slightly mature and bitter taste that is easily complemented by the large helping of vanilla extract that is mixed throughout.

When it comes to ultimate creamy flavor, then there are very few recipes that truly compete with this. 

This recipe is also very easy to follow, and is much quicker than many other recipes across the internet, making it great for any of you that may often find yourselves pressed for time!

7. Side Chef

Drizzle some melted chocolate, and top them with fresh fruit, and soon you will have miniature New York-style cheesecakes that will be the envy of everyone at the table.

You’ll very quickly have guests asking you where you got your recipe from, so definitely give this recipe a go if you want to create a dessert that is sure to impress.

And of course, the buttery base of the cheesecakes is easily one of their highlights. It’s hard to resist the temptation to grab one after the other!

8. This Unmillenial Life

These miniature New York cheesecakes are sure to draw some attention and will have you looking like a master dessert maker in no time. This makes them great for anyone that is catering for a party or some other social function.

However, this recipe doesn’t just lead to cheesecakes that look the height of luxury, it is also incredibly quick to follow, and you will soon have the perfect cheesecakes in no time at all.

This also makes the recipe great for anyone that just wants a quick and familiar treat! 

9. Dessert For Two 

These particular miniature cheesecakes are totally overloaded with strawberries, which helps to make them incredibly vibrant to eat, and a total delight all around.

The strawberries easily released their flavor, and the way that the juice from the strawberries easily mixed in with the creamy texture of the dessert made it next to impossible to resist. 

10. Lifestyle Of A Foodie

Want to enjoy a cheesecake all of your own without being left with loads of leftovers, and without having to spend countless hours on baking? Of course, you do!

This recipe will show you how to do just that, and much much more! 

This miniature cheesecake is slightly larger than some of the more bite-sized options we’ve seen so far, but it is still totally adorable to look at! 

And what a flavor too! This tastes exactly like the kind of cheesecake you would expect to find in New York City itself, so make sure to give it a go if you are a cheesecake aficionado!

11. Mindee’s Cooking Obsession

Each of your guests will feel like a VIP when presented with one of these delightful little desserts!

Plate them up with a helping of fresh fruit, a load of whipped cream, and plenty of styles, and soon you will have a dessert that is guaranteed to be an absolute hit. 

Your guests will soon be raving about how wonderful the base of these desserts is, and how it crumbles in the mouth.

The cheesecake itself will also prove a highlight and your guests won’t be able to help themselves from calling attention to its vanilla flavor!

12. Add A Pinch

These just might be the most adorable cheesecakes on this list of already totally adorable cheesecakes! But how did they do it? Want to find out? Then check out this wonderful recipe. 

The geniuses behind this recipe definitely did not hold back on the crumbly crust that makes these delightful little bites incredibly crunchy.

And the soft strawberry slices ooze with flavor as you bite into the treats, releasing fruity notes that mix with the flavors of the cheesecake. Simply delightful.

13. Bake It After All

The strawberry layer atop these cheesecakes is delightfully gooey and syrupy and it makes for a perfect accompaniment to the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the cheesecake dessert just under it.

We definitely recommend giving this recipe a try. It’s not lacking in flavor and personality and is sure to prove an absolute delight for everyone that tries it. 

14. Orchids And Sweet Tea

This recipe recommends placing some fresh blackberries on top of the finished product, and we can definitely see why after making it ourselves. The intense color of the blackberries helped to contrast against the light color of the miniature cheesecakes they sat atop.

Blackberries are also known for their incredibly sharp and juicy flavor.

So you can bet that every time you take a bite of one of these miniature cheesecakes, you’ll be met with a perfect medley of flavor combinations likely to blow your mind.

15. Just A Pinch Recipes

Why not wrap up this list with easily the smallest cheesecakes yet? These cheesecakes are sure to elicit pure joy in anyone that lays their eyes upon them, and appetites will soon be ready and raring to get a taste of them!

To Wrap Up

Those are just a small few of some of the awesome mini New York cheesecake recipes that populate the internet. However, they are also definitely the very best.

Why not check out a few of these recipes for yourself?

Mark Williams