12 Best Orange Cream Pie Recipes To Try Today

When it comes to dessert pies out there, there is such a massive variety for you to choose from. It’s a fact that we love about them, and the sheer scope of customizability in them.

12 Best Orange Cream Pie Recipes To Try Today

Still, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a little tricky finding the right recipe for you to try at the moment!

Take cream pies, for example (or crème pies, if you want to be accurate).

There are as many different types of cream pie out there as there are flavors, it seems. Even a single specific variety of cream pie, orange flavor, has so many different kinds, that it can be hard to sift through them to find the best.

Well, that is what we are here to help you with!

In this list, we have collected some of the best orange cream pie recipes that you can find out there right now, for people of all skill levels to try!

1. No-Bake Orange Creamsicle Pie

Starting this tangy flavor-filled recipe list with a band, with this amazing recipe.

This is a great example of what could be considered a classic take on the orange creamsicle variety of this kind of pie.

It has everything that you could want from it, from the smooth, cream top that these kinds of pies have with a little vanilla ice cream for extra sweetness, and the powdered sweetened base.

Like any cream pie, this is a dessert that is perfect for any situation.

Need a dessert for a family meal? This has you covered. Want to bring something to a cookout or buffet? This is a great way to bring something to the table, quite literally in this case!

2. No-Bake Orange Cream Pie With Pretzel Crust

One of the most popular variations of a cream pie is to add a little salty goodness to the crust.

And that extra savory bang of flavor is also present here in this recipe!

Pretzel crust is a super crumbly way of adding a little salt to your classic creamsicle pie.

And it’s not exactly like on that cream either! While many people might be worried that the sweetness of the pie filling is overshadowed somewhat by the pretzel-like crust, it is not the case here!

Like how salted caramel is an almost universally loved flavor, this combination of tastes will go down as a treat at any table!

3. Orange Meringue Pie

Time to move a little out of our comfort zone with this one!

Now, many people might say that this isn’t exactly a true orange cream pie. The whipped egg whites instead of whipped cream might say that it disqualifies it from being on this list.

However, we have 2 points to that argument:

  1. While they may use different ingredients, they both use whipping methods and have a very similar end product when served.
  2. Just look at this recipe! It’s delicious!

So, getting those very important notes out of the way, this is a pie that is a great alternative for people who don’t want the same old cream pie that they’re used to, or even are kind of sick of the old-fashioned lemon meringue.

Try this recipe for yourself today, and see what we mean!

4. Orange Creamsicle Pie

One of the best things about many of the orange cream pies that we have on this recipe list is that they very rarely require any baking, of ever.

This means that the only extra tools you’ll need to finish off this pie are a fridge and a little patience!

Still, the result speaks for itself. The one-two combination of classic citrus flavors, paired with a gorgeously smooth vanilla ice cream taste, makes this dessert an absolute show-stopper!

Just remember to whip plenty of creams so that you have enough to spread around. While this recipe calls for 1 ½ cups, we would recommend doing just a little bit more.

After all, it’s better to be left with a little whipped cream leftover, over than to not have enough in the first place!

5. Arctic Orange Pie

Of course, while needing to wait for this pie to set in the fridge can be agony for some (especially those of us with a sweet tooth and unexpected cravings), that patience always pays off.

This recipe is just such an example!

The canned oranges offer a unique flavor and topping that might be a bit of a surprise to the taste at first, but you’ll find that it makes for one sweet mouthful in the end!

Just make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to let this recipe set before preparing this for a dinner table.

With 4 hours on the clock to get everything perfect, this is not a recipe that can be made in a flash, unfortunately.

However, a little patience pays off in the long run, so make sure it’s in the fridge as soon as possible!

6. Easy Orange Creamsicle Pie

This particular orange creamsicle recipe mixes things up a little, by adding a few sweet extras to the mix!

This recipe mixes things up a little this time round, by adding not just a little jello to the recipe, but also some delicious cool whip too!

If you’re looking for the perfect dessert for the whole family on a hot summer’s day or even just a cooling treat in the evening, this is the perfect cold dessert that will please just about everyone!

7. Orange Creamsicle Pie Recipe

This pie will taste just like the ones you used to enjoy in your childhood!

As with the best orange cream pie recipes, this one takes a little while to get to the right consistency. But once it is, it will certainly go quickly from everyone’s plates.

And, if you happen to have a little leftover afterward, that’s okay! Cream pies stay fresh in the fridge for up to a few days after benign made!

Get hit in the nostalgia with this recipe!

8. Orange Cream Pie

Now, if you’re looking for a great way to use the last of that condensed milk that you have, this recipe is a great call to use for!

The condensed milk, combined with a little extracted orange juice, helps makes a great base for this pie.

Especially once you pair it with the graham cracker base that this recipe also makes use of!

If you’re looking to stay refreshed during the long days of summer (especially in the south), this is one of the best kinds of recipes that you can make for just such an occasion.

9. No Bake Orange Cream Pie

Again, we can’t overstate just how helpful we find it that most orange cream pie recipes don’t need any baking. Just your fridge!

The baking crust for this recipe is a little different, using crushed frosted cornflakes that have been flattened and mixed with a little salt.

Combine that with a filling that is one part vanilla custard, and one part orange curd, and you have a thoroughly sweet dessert that the whole family will enjoy.

10. No-Bake Orange Cream Pie With Pretzel Crust

Listen, if you’re going to come to a recipe list that is exclusively about orange cream pies, don’t be surprised when similar recipes turn up on this page!

That being said, there is enough about this recipe that we think makes it distinct from the last pretzel crust cream pie recipe that we covered.

For one thing, the crumbly pretzel crust in this recipe breaks up on a little contact with a fork, making this crust perfect for mixing into the filling on display here!

And with plenty of citrus flavors there, it is certainly one heck of a filling!

11. Dreamy Orange Cream Pie

As the name suggests, this recipe is an absolute dream to both make, and taste!

The kool-aid orange juice extract certainly brings enough punch to this recipe to cover your sweet citrus needs.

However, you’ll need to make sure that it is balanced with the more subtle flavors of the cream cheese and whipped cream that this recipe calls for. It’s almost cheesecake-like, in that regard.

However, with a little extra baking chocolate and vanilla extract in the mix, don’t worry about not having enough sweetness in there!

12. Orange Cream Pie

So, capping off this incredible list, we have a recipe that is bound to finish off a meal as well as it does this list!

The orange cream is as refreshing to chow down on as it is light to the tongue as you taste it!

Its mousse-like texture means that there’ll be no trouble swallowing this too!

Plus, the ingredients list for this recipe is very short, only 5 different ones by our count at least.

So, you’ll be able to make a great recipe with only a few items, so it won’t even cost that much to make!


Now all you have to do is try these recipes out for yourself!

Mark Williams