What Are The 20 Best Things To Eat With Chicken Salad Instead Of Bread?

Are you tired of using bread as the go-to side when you make yourself a chicken salad? Everyone has chicken salad sandwiches. But there are other ways to enjoy chicken salad and ditch the bread.

If you want some inspiration, keep reading to find out more. 

What are the 20 Best Things to Eat with Chicken Salad Instead of Bread?

In this article, we’ll help you find the best chicken salad foods. If you’re tired of bread, keep reading to find 20 of the best things that we can recommend adding to your chicken salad.

Adjust the flavors of your salad with these great recipes (want to try an Ambrosia Salad? Find our recipe here). 

1. Chicken Salad With Crackers

Did you know you can eat chicken salad like a pâté and put it on crackers? This is an East Carolina classic. You put your chicken salad in a separate bowl and grab some crackers.

You can use any type of crackers, but we recommend Ritz crackers. However, if you want healthier or gluten-free alternatives, then feel free to switch them out. 

Chicken salad with crackers can be a fun treat when planning a gathering or enjoying a special occasion. 

2. Chicken Salad With Lettuce

Have you considered making a chicken salad but having it in a lettuce wrap? Lettuce wraps are a healthier alternative to other wraps, and the best part of this recipe is that it isn’t too watery.

We recommend using butter lettuce to wrap your chicken salad in. Still, you can also experiment with different types of lettuce.

Not only can these be a tasty treat for lunch, but they’re also perfect for anyone wanting a healthy appetizer for a gathering. Consider making these if you want a unique twist for your starters.

3. Chicken Salad With Deviled Eggs

Instead of mashing your eggs into your chicken salad, we recommend using them with deviled eggs. All you need are hard-boiled eggs, and stuff the egg where the yolk was with your salad.

These chicken salad deviled eggs are a great party appetizer for any occasion and are easy to make. 

4. Chicken Salad With Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are delicious snacks that are made of puffed rice. If you’re not a fan of crackers, rice cakes can be a great replacement. They’re larger and thicker, and they have a lot of texture. You can buy unseasoned or seasoned rice cakes, so the flavor won’t overpower your chicken salad.

If you’re tired of eating rice cakes alone, topping them with chicken salad or other toppings can be a great way to enjoy them. 

5. Chicken Salad With Cucumber

When you want a healthy appetizer, finding one that will keep everyone interested can be difficult. Cucumbers have little flavor, making them a great addition to any chicken salad, so they won’t overpower the flavor.

You only need to cut your cucumber into slices and top it with your chicken salad.

Chicken salad topping cucumber is a great appetizer or a simple snack at home. You can also peel your cucumber or slice them as they are.

6. Chicken Salad With Celery Sticks

When you have kids who aren’t big fans of healthy eating, it can be challenging to find a balance where they still eat their vegetables. We recommend replacing your bread in a chicken salad sandwich with celery sticks instead.

Of course, this recipe isn’t only for kids. Adults looking for a healthier alternative to a chicken salad will find replacing the bread with celery sticks a better option.

7. Chicken Salad With Mini Sweet Peppers

If you’re looking for chicken salad with a slightly sweeter taste, consider stuffing mini-sweet peppers with your chicken salad. You can also adjust the recipe by using other peppers instead.

You could turn your chicken salad stuffed peppers into a main course when using whole peppers.

When making chicken salad stuffed with mini peppers, you can use them as an appetizer. These can also be used for gatherings like parties and other events. 

8. Chicken Salad With Avocado

While many suggest mixing chopped avocados into a chicken salad, you can also slice your avocado in half and top it with chicken salad. All you need to do is remove the core of your avocado and peel the skin from it. 

You can easily use this recipe as a meal starter or serve it for lunch or a light supper. There are plenty of options for this delicious meal.

9. Chicken Salad With Tomatoes

Many people slice or dice tomatoes in a chicken salad, but you can also stuff your tomatoes with chicken salad. Cut your tomatoes in half, and remove their insides.

You can do this with any type of tomato, making them a versatile dish.

These chicken salad stuffed tomatoes can be used as an appetizer at parties, or you can serve them as a starter. If you use a larger tomato, you can also serve your chicken salad stuffed tomato for lunch as a refreshing snack. 

10. Chicken Salad With Tortillas

The first replacement you consider for bread has to be tortilla wraps. Using tortilla wraps, you can make many different styles of wrap. You can make your usual chicken salad wrap or a taco for your family to enjoy.

No matter how you enjoy them, these chicken salads with tortillas are perfect for any occasion.

We recommend serving the chicken salad with tortillas for lunch, as they can be surprisingly filling (for more chicken salad sides, read here). You can also add other greens to your dish, such as kale or spinach, to offer a fresh flavor to include with your dish.

11. Chicken Salad With Apples

While apples are not a traditional fruit you would consider including with chicken salad, they are a fruit that works well. We recommend using red apples if you want a sweeter flavor.

You can either cut your apples into slices and top your chicken salad with them or throw them into your salad. 

If you slice your apples and top them with chicken salad, then you will have an interesting appetizer for parties or a fun new treat for your kids. 

12. Chicken Salad With Grapes

While you can’t stuff a grape with chicken salad, they are a great fruit to include in any salad. Suppose you throw grapes into your chicken salad.

In that case, you’ll find that they offer an added sweet or sour flavor depending on the type you include in this traditional savory dish.

Add grapes to your chicken salad. It will still be a delicious lunch or a slight alteration to your usual chicken salad starter. 

13. Chicken Salad With Pineapple Rings

There are two ways to include pineapple in your chicken salad, offering a healthier adjustment to your standard version. All you need as an additional ingredient is a can of pineapple chunks or pineapple rings.

If you want to mix your pineapple chunks into your recipe, you can, but you can also use your chicken salad as a topping for your pineapple rings.

You can adjust chicken salad with pineapple to suit the best occasion. If you top your pineapple rings with chicken salad, you can give them as an interesting appetizer. However, if you combine pineapple into your salad, you can serve it for a sweetened lunch.

14. Chicken Salad With Apricots

To add a fruity twist to your chicken salad, you can always include apricots in your recipe. When the weather gets warmer, it will inevitably be the best time to enjoy your salads.

If you add sweetened apricots, those who don’t enjoy the savory taste of chicken salad may be tempted. You can also combine your apricots with thyme and almonds to ensure there’s an even combination of different flavors.

If you combine chicken salad with apricots, we can guarantee it is a perfect treat for any potluck. You can also serve it for a summer lunch or as a light supper.

15. Chicken Salad With Mandarin Oranges

Do you have some Mandarin oranges you want to use up before they go bad, but you’re not sure what you can include them with? Consider peeling and taking apart your oranges and mixing them into your chicken salad (for more information on orange chicken, read here).

Combining Mandarin oranges with some dijon mustard will ensure a brand-new flavor you won’t get enough of. Instead of having a bland chicken salad, sweeten it with this new recipe.

The best part of this recipe is that it’s perfect for anyone on a Whole30 diet, and you’ll find that it can be used for a nutritious lunch or dinner. 

16. Chicken Salad With Mango

Did you know that including mangos is a great way to enjoy chicken salad, especially if you want a healthier alternative (to spice up a store-bought chicken salad, read here for ideas)?

This recipe works perfectly with grilled chicken salads and is great when you combine it with other flavors, such as lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. The best way to enjoy it is with a honey-lemon dressing, and you’ll love this healthy and nutritious salad.

We recommend enjoying this dish for lunch, especially in the summer when the weather is at its warmest. You can also have it for a nutritious dinner and experiment with different ingredients to combine with. 

17. Chicken Salad With Baked Wonton Cups

If you want to enjoy your chicken salad as finger food, but you want to make it as easy to eat as possible? We have the answer for you. Try stuffing some baked Wonton cups with chicken salad.

Your guests won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling their chicken salad, and they offer an additional crunch that will leave guests satisfied.

We recommend serving this dish as an appetizer to serve for occasions. You can allow your guests to grab some as they please, and they’re more-ish, too, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly they go. 

18. Chicken Salad With Pasta

Do you know what the best chicken salad combo is? Chicken pasta salad is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enjoy chicken salad. The pasta offers plenty of texture, and you can experiment with most kinds of pasta.

It can be enjoyed hot or cold, and you can add any additional flavors. 

Chicken salad with pasta is super easy to make, so you can make it for potlucks, parties, or if you need any food for lunch or supper. If you want some additional flavor for your pasta, just add some mayo or mustard, and you’ll surely enjoy it.

19. Chicken Salad With Greek Yogurt

Are you tired of mayo, but you’re not sure what you can replace it with? Mayo is a staple in all chicken salads, so it may feel like blasphemy to replace it.

However, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative, we recommend replacing the mayo with Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt will behave in the same way as mayo would in the recipe, but it has a rich tangy flavor that mayo doesn’t have.

You can replace the mayo by making chicken salad with Greek yogurt to enjoy a healthier alternative. Feel free to serve it for lunch or a light supper if you prefer.

20. Chicken Salad With Cranberries

Cranberries work with many different recipes, and it’s especially great if you combine them with celery and toasted pine nuts.

What makes a chicken salad with cranberries interesting is that you can actually combine it with a croissant to offer a fresh twist with bread. If you have croissants available, then you can use this recipe to fill it in and enjoy a fresh flavor.

We recommend this chicken salad with cranberries for anyone looking to enjoy their chicken salad for breakfast. However, you can also enjoy it as a light lunch or supper.

Final Thoughts

If you want to enjoy chicken salad, you may feel the only way to have it is with bread. However, you can adjust your chicken salad to suit your tastes. We hope that these 20 recipes have inspired you to try new methods of enjoying your chicken salad

Did this selection of recipes inspire you? If so, feel free to check out the rest of our site to get more inspiration and advice.

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