Peanut Shells: Can You Eat Them?

Who doesn’t love a good peanut? Full of savory goodness, as well as tons of good nutrients that everyone needs in their diet. What’s not to love about them?

However, anyone who has seen peanuts that have been freshly picked will also know that the hard, tasty nut is only part of the plant. There are also the two pieces of shell that encapsulate these little savory nuggets.

Peanut Shells: Can You Eat Them?

Anyone who has spent a little time picking apart peanut shells, perhaps for a party, or just as you’re eating the nuts, you’ll know just how quickly those shells build up into a massive pile of their own.

So much shell. So much wasted! Is there anything that these shells can be used for? Any recipes? Are they even edible in the first place?

Well, not only will this short guide explain to you how and why the shells of peanuts are edible, or even the benefits of eating, we’ll show you one or two ways that you can enjoy these crunchy little peanut treats!

Can You Eat Peanut Shells?

So, before we dig any deeper, we should probably answer the main question that we posted here in the first place: Are peanut shells edible?

Well, in case our introduction didn’t make it clear, yes, they are!

Peanut shells are safe for people to eat. At least, in small to moderate amounts. Peanut shells do not contain any toxins in them, meaning that you can chew and eat these shells with little to no issue.

However, you should avoid eating too many, especially all at once. Peanut shells don’t digest easily, and can quickly build up in the gut if you’re not careful, which can cause some issues with blockage over time.

However, these are easily avoidable if you give the peanut shells time to pass through your digestive tracks.


Probably the best thing going for peanut shells is their texture.

You’ve likely already felt them before, their firm but somewhat soft, almost cork-like texture. It’s that sensation that makes people sometimes whether or not they’re edible.

However, they certainly make for a snack that has a lot to chew on!


Pretty much all the flavor that you’ll find in peanut shells is actually in the peanut itself. There’s very little to chew on in terms of taste and flavor, aside from… well, the peanut shell that you chew on!

Benefits Of Eating Peanut Shells

So, if they don’t exactly taste pretty much anything, let alone something bad, what exactly are peanut shells even good for?


In the same way that most of the flavor for peanuts is in their nuts, there aren’t that many nutrients left in peanut shells.

You’re not going to find a lot of nutrients, outside of some trace elements of water, crude proteins, and cellulose, the last of which is already indigestible by human guts.

However, what peanut shells do contain a decent amount of is fiber, a nutrient that is essential for maintaining good gut health.

And with almost 60% of peanut shells being fiber, that’s a surprisingly large amount that is good for you!

It’s kind of ironic how peanut shells, which can be pretty bad for your gut in large enough quantities, can be surprisingly good for it too!

Good Time/Mouth Occupier

Outside of that little nutritional value, is there anything else that these empty shells can be good for?

Potentially. At least if you’re trying to stay on a diet plan.

With their texture being a unique mix of firm and crispy, yet slightly chewy, these shell nuts can make for a surprisingly effective way to keep your mouth occupied.

Rather than constantly snacking and chowing down on unhealthy chips and/or popcorn, chewing on peanut shells might be an interesting way of tricking your body into not craving unhealthier comfort foods.

At least, in moderation. We’ve already touched on how these shells can affect your intestinal health if left unchecked, after all!

How To Eat Peanut Shells

So, how exactly should you be eating these nutshells, then?

Well, there are a few ways that you can start chowing down on these parts of a much-loved nut. At least in small quantities.

You can choose to eat these shells on their own after you have already picked out the nuts. It’s a perfectly simple way of keeping your mouth and jaw occupied, but there’s not much in the way of flavor, after all.

Alternatively, we love to just eat these shells whole, with the nuts still inside.

That way, you’re getting that good fiber in your system, and keeping your mouth busy, while still getting the actual flavors that you want from the peanuts inside.

The only problem with this plan is that it makes them pretty moreish, so watch yourself if you choose to eat them this way too!

Final Thoughts – Is It Worth Eating Peanut Shells?

So, the next time that you buy yourself a packet of peanuts, remember that the shell is also edible alongside the nut.

It’ll save you on cleaning up, so get stuck in!

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