What Is Curd?

When we think of desserts, we likely think of sweet treats that are normally made using dairy products. Indeed, things such as chocolate, cakes, ice cream, yogurt and cheese are all dairy products that are traditionally eaten after a main, savory meal.  Curd is a fermented dairy product that is usually used as, or as …

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What Is Butterscotch?

Have you ever sat at home or just finished a meal and began craving something super sweet? Maybe you’re a great fan of caramel candies and want something similar to sate your needs? Well, one of your possible options is butterscotch! Those with a sweet tooth however may not know what it is.  It’s a …

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Is Pecan Pie Healthy?

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, certainly one of the most important elements of the meal is the dessert – and of course, the go-to option for most families is a lovely, fresh pecan pie. Although many other times of the year you can enjoy a nice pecan pie though! The real question is not …

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