The Correct Way To Measure Chocolate Chips

If you bake frequently, and especially if you bake with chocolate chips often, then you have probably wondered what the best way to measure them for your recipes is.

There are a few different methods for measuring chocolate chips, and everyone has their go-to method, however, in this guide we will go over our three favorite methods.

The Correct Way To Measure Chocolate Chips

We are doing this so you can work out which method is your favorite and use it in the future when baking.

It is surprising just how many recipes chocolate chips will show up in, and it turns out that for some recipes, using a different method of measuring them will work better.

Generally speaking, there are two approaches you can with when it comes to measuring your chocolate chips. You can try for accuracy, or you can go for the quicker approach.

Depending on what kind of baker you are, one approach might suit you better.

While you are probably aware that there are multiple ways to measure your chocolate chips, you probably do not know all the ways to measure them.

And most recipes will also not recommend the best method for measuring chocolate chips, this is part of the main reason we have put this guide together so you know which method is best when.

But, if you want a quick answer to what the most efficient and accurate method of measuring chocolate chips is? The answer will probably not shock you.

If you want the best way to get an accurate measurement of your chocolate chips, then we recommend weighing using a scale. If you do not own a kitchen scale, but you bake or cook frequently, we strongly recommend investing in one.

This method will give you the most accurate measurement of how much chocolate you are using, and because of this, it is our favorite method to go with!

The other methods we will talk about are measuring using measurement spoons or cups, and then counting (our last resort).

So, if you want to know everything about the best methods for measuring chocolate chips, then this guide will give you all the information you need.

If you bake with chocolate chips frequently, then knowing the information in this guide will be incredibly beneficial!

The Three Methods

As we referenced in the introduction, there are three main approaches to take when it comes to measuring your chocolate chips.

Knowing which method is best in different situations, and which generally suits you best is important to know if you want to be as efficient as possible when baking.

In this section we will give you a quick preview into the three methods of measuring chocolate chips so you can understand what we mean when we reference them before we go into greater detail on them individually!


The method which we recommend the most when it comes to measuring your chocolate chips is using weight. This is simply the method of measuring an ingredient, in this case chocolate chips, by how heavy they are.

The best tool for doing this is a kitchen scale since it is optimized for this type of measuring the best.

If you are using recipes from the US, these will usually use measurements in ounces and pounds, however, in most other parts of the world, they will be measured in grams instead.

Luckily most kitchen scales around the world have built-in conversions and setting to make adapting recipes easy!

This is the method that is used most often by professional bakers, so you can understand why we recommend it so highly.

The reason why measuring in grams is preferred by most bakers around the world is because grams are a lot smaller than ounces, because of this, you can have a greater degree of accuracy when it comes to giving measurements in your recipes.

If you did not know there are 28 grams in every ounce. This means you can bake in whole grams instead of in ounces where working in halves and quarters is common!

Because of this, we recommend becoming a bit familiar with grams before you learn how to bake in weight because this will ensure that you are not confused when it comes to using international recipes.

Also, if you are from a country that uses grams, having an understanding of ounces and pounds is also useful since a lot of online recipes are from the US, and knowing the conversions will be useful!

There is another reason why working with weight and ounces specifically can be problematic and this is the confusion between ounces and fluid ounces.

The main reason is, people often think that these two are the same, and this is not the case. An ounce is used to measure weight, and a fluid ounce is used for volume instead.

This is why 8 ounces of chocolate chips will not fit into a cup, because of this, let’s move onto volume.


As we referenced in the introduction, volume is one of the most popular methods for measuring chocolate chips since it is a common method of measuring globally, and it is very efficient.

If you were not aware, using measuring cups and measuring spoons means that you are measuring in volume, the volume is the amount of space your ingredients are taking up.

If you have forgotten, the formula for volume is the length multiplied by the width, and then multiplied by the height. However, knowing this formula is not too important for baking.

The main issue that comes with consistently measuring with volume is that different food items and different ingredients will have different densities, this means that while they do not weigh the same amount, they might take up the same amount of space or volume.

The Correct Way To Measure Chocolate Chips (1) (1)

Because of this, 1 cup of a certain ingredient does not weigh the same as a cup of a different ingredient.

If a recipe is designed with cups in mind, it usually works fine, but because of inconsistencies with volume, converting it to another measurement system is confusing!

This is why measuring in volume is not a method that is recommended or used by professional chefs, and bakers especially.

This is because precision is key, and with baking specifically, you need to have correct ratios to ensure everything works perfectly, and if you are dealing with inconsistent volumes, this could potentially shift the end results of a recipe that needs a certain amount of an ingredient.

However, outside of a professional setting, measuring in volume is much less of a bother.


Now the method of measuring chocolate chips that is occasionally overlooked is doing so by counting them.

The reason why this method is not recommended is that a lot of chocolate chips are not the same size, so even if 2 chocolate chips are by the same brand, they likely do not have the same volume or weight.

Because of this, measuring by counting is not highly recommended. 

The other main concern with measuring by counting is that as well as being inaccurate, it is also quite inefficient. This method takes a massive amount of time compared to the previous methods.

There are no standards when it comes to the sizing of chocolate chips, so the general size of chocolate chips from one brand will likely vary compared to another.

This method is just generally too inefficient, and inaccurate due to the different sizes these chips come in! Because of this, measuring by counting is only recommended if you have no other options readily available!

Measuring Chocolate Chips With A Kitchen Scale

As we have referenced throughout this guide, our favorite and preferred method for measuring chocolate chips is by using a measuring scale.

Most of the best recipes will be measured by weight, so if you want to be able to use these recipes without dealing with complicated conversions, then measuring using a kitchen scale is recommended.

You will want to ensure that you have a kitchen scale that has a tare feature, but most modern digital scales have this so do not worry.

This is the feature that lets you reset the weight of your scale. So, if you have a heavy bowl on the scale, you can reset the scale so it only weighs what you add on after the bowl has been added.

You will also want to look out for kitchen scales that have the option to weight in ounces and grams as well.


The first thing you want to do is turn your kitchen scale on, once this has done you want to put the bowl you are going to put the chocolate chips in on the scale, if the scale is turned on properly, you should be able to see the weight of the bowl in whichever unit it is set to.

Then, if you have the feature, you want to reset the weight of the scale, so the weight of the bowl will turn to 0. After this, all you have to do is add the chocolate chips to the bowl until you reach the right weight!

Why Choose This Method?

The main reason you want to go with this method is that it will improve the accuracy of your baking.

You can find chocolate chips in plenty of different sizes, and this is why using volume or counting to measure can be very inaccurate, and this is why using weight is the most accurate.

So, when you use this method, you will end up with the correct amount of chocolate for the recipe, no matter what method you are using!

Because of this improved level of accuracy, you will also notice that next time you use the recipe you will end up with similar results.

This is because using weight to measure will lead to more consistent results, so you do not have to worry about your recipe turning out different if you use the same recipe as usual.

The Correct Way To Measure Chocolate Chips (1)

If you use one of the other methods, you can find that the amount of chocolate in a recipe always ends up slightly different!

Our favorite reason why we love working with weight measurements is that you can scale your recipes up or down easily with simple math skills.

This makes doubling or halving the recipe easy since you are working with simple numbers that are easy to manipulate, so if you find yourself needing to make bigger or smaller batches of the same recipe, working in weight will make this significantly easier.

This method also saves a lot of time, and the dishes from using measuring spoons or cups too.

You also do not need to be limited by chocolate chips if you use this recipe, you can simply use a bar of normal chocolate, and if you use the same weight, you know that you will still get consistent results!

So if you have cooking chocolate stocked in, but no chocolate chips, using weight as measurement means you can easily use this ingredient!

Measuring With Chocolate Chips By Volume

So, if you do not have a kitchen scale, but you still need to measure some chocolate chips, then the second-best method is by using a measuring spoon.

As we mentioned throughout the previous section, this method is not as accurate as using a kitchen scale, but if you are baking in an informal setting then this method will still work fine.

What we should go over when it comes to using volume as a measurement is the terminology that is used when working with measuring cups and spoons as this will affect your final results!

One term that often trips people up is scant cup, this means that the ingredient does not go right to the top of the cup, but it is still mostly filled. So mostly full, but nowhere near overflowing.

Then an easier term to understand is a level cup, as the description says, this is a cup with the ingredient level with the rim.

Usually this is helped by scraping the top level off with a knife, but with an ingredient like chocolate chips, this is difficult, but since this method does not prioritize accuracy it does not matter that much.

The only other terms that are used often are rounded, where the cup is filled above level, but not by much, with a rounded top like the description states.

And then there is a heaping cup, this is often used for something like chocolate chips, and as the name suggests, it is a cup that is overfilled and heaped.

However, if the recipe does not give a specific description of the scoop type, we recommend going with scant as this is the default with this ingredient!


When using volume, you want to be working with a dry measuring cup so no chocolate chips stick. Then scoop up the correct amount with a scant scoop, so do not pack in the chocolate chips.

Some chocolate chips do have specific cup descriptors on the bag, so read these and it can save some time!

Different Sized Cups And Spoons?

As we mentioned earlier, since there are no industrial standards for chocolate chips sizes, there is no standard for measuring cups or spoons either, because of this, you will want to focus less on precision when measuring with volume, and instead focus on proportions.

Measuring Chocolate Chips By Count

Now our most time consuming method is to just count your chocolate chips. No one ever wants to use this method, and you rarely find recipes that describe how many chocolate chips are needed since the size is not standardized.

But if you want to keep kids busy, then maybe tell them to count instead, if the size of the chocolate chips are consistent, it can at least ensure equal distribution between cookies.

What Type Of Recipes Need Precision?

It is worth noting that a lot of recipes do not really need that much precision when it comes to the use of chocolate chips.

For example if they are being added to something like a cookie or a muffin, then they do not affect the final product except by having more or less chocolate. However, if you are melting down the chocolate chips then you might need more precision.

Tips To Make Your Baking Better

We recommend that if you want to take your cooking and baking especially to the next level that you invest in a kitchen scale to make sure you can be as precise as possible in all recipes!


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need when it comes to measuring your chocolate chips. This process does not seem like it would have all of this depth.

However, knowing which method of measuring chocolate chips can save you a massive amount of time, and it can also improve the overall quality of your baking when it comes to the final product, so make sure you know the best way to measure for your recipe!

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