15 Delicious Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake Recipes You Will Love

We totally adore cheesecake. It’s one of the best desserts ever conceived, and we have no trouble understanding why it is so popular. It’s creamy, easy to eat, and can be made in a massive number of ways to please people of all tastes. 

Aside from the iconic strawberry cheesecake, there are countless other ways to make a unique cheesecake. But easily one of our favorite forms of cheesecake is the chocolate swirl cheesecake! 

15 Delicious Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake Recipes You Will Love

Chocolate swirl cheesecakes not only taste totally incredible and decadent but look just as good as they taste! Who can resist the beautiful pattern of a chocolate swirl cheesecake and possibly not want to take a bite upon seeing that delightful image? 

However, as great as chocolate swirl cheesecakes are, it is not always immediately clear how to make one of your own. What are some of the best ways to make a chocolate swirl cheesecake?

Well, read on below, because we have gathered up 15 of our absolute favorite recipes that we know you will love!

1. Cookstr.Com

This recipe actually comes directly from international-recognized chef Gordon Ramsay himself!

And when you taste it for yourself you will definitely have no trouble telling! It is incredibly creamy, totally elegant, and makes a perfect way to cap off a perfect meal. 

In fact, this cheesecake is so good that we can guarantee that your guests will be lining up to find out where you got the recipe from! 

2. All Recipes

This is one of the easier chocolate swirl cheesecakes on this list to make, and you can easily create delightful patterns that look totally awesome when served up on the table.

Make sure that you make plenty of this cheesecake because we can guarantee that everyone will be going back for seconds because of how great it tastes.

The cheesecake itself is incredibly indulgent and rich, and the way it melts away on your tongue is to die for!

3. Better Homes And Gardens

If the buttery base of a cheesecake is one of your favorite parts of the whole dessert, then we just know that this recipe will go down as a treat.

Not only does it show you how to create a perfect base for your cheesecake, but it also shows you how to have that base climb up the sides of the cheesecake, to create a unique look for the dessert that makes it incredibly appetizing. 

4. Taste Of Home

This is one of the simplest recipes on this list, but that is by no means a detriment to it. Its simplicity is truly what makes this dessert shine.

The creamy cheesecake itself tastes exactly how you expect it, while the chocolate swirl towards the top helps to give it a unique twist.

This is a fantastic recipe to keep note of in case you ever find yourself craving the taste of a traditional cheesecake!

5. Philosophy Of Yum

The chocolate swirl created using this recipe is incredibly subtle and looks totally incredible. This is a perfect chocolate swirl cheesecake to serve up at a formal occasion, or to any fancy guests that you want to impress.

It is also incredibly chocolatey, making it a perfect dessert for just about any chocoholics out there across the world. 

6. Olive Magazine

This baked cheesecake could very easily become a staple in your household. For weeks after first trying it, you will definitely find yourself craving it over and over again, as it is simply that good. 

Best of all, compared to many cheesecake recipes found across the internet, this recipe is not difficult to follow and can be whipped up in next to no time at all. It’s incredible that something this rich could be made so easily! We totally adore it!

7. Just A Pinch Recipes

Chocolate and vanilla combine effortlessly with this recipe not only to create a beautiful pattern atop the cheesecake but also to create an amazing flavor combination that you’ll wonder why you’d never made this dish before! 

The cheesecake is also heavy on the crust, so you can easily create a crunchy and satisfying base that is full of unique texture and bite. This dessert will definitely go down a treat, so make sure to be prepared for seconds!

8. The Busy Baker

Hosting a dinner party or some other fancy occasion? Want to prepare a delicious chocolate swirl cheesecake that can be consumed easily? 

Look no further than this delightful recipe from The Busy Baker. With this recipe, you can easily get to making totally incredible mini cheesecakes complete with a chocolate swirl topping that will delight your taste buds easily! 

Your guests will love just how adorable these little cheesecakes are, and won’t be able to resist the opportunity to go back for more!

9. The Spruce Eats

This is one of the more subtle entries in this list, but by no means will its incredible flavor not wow you. 

The chocolate swirl atop the cheesecake is very beautiful and has a slightly fashionable edge to it. Thus, making this recipe a perfect one for creating the perfect dessert for a fancy party or social function. 

We loved the way this cheesecake looked, and even more so how it tasted!

10. 2 Cookin Mamas

The marble effect of this cheesecake is not surface deep. Far from it! Instead, the flavors of the swirling chocolate are able to easily spread throughout, making every inch of the cheesecake look incredible even after it has been sliced.

Better yet, the deep swirl effect also makes this cheesecake taste even better. Each bite is a different combination of chocolate and vanilla flavors.

11. Wilton.Com

The crust of this chocolate swirl cheesecake is actually made up of oreo cookies! That’s right! As it turns out, you can actually use Oreos to help you to create a delightfully crunchy crust that has a great balance of savory and sweet flavors.

This all serves to make the resulting cheesecake even more magical and even more delectable. We could not get enough of this recipe! 

12. The Feed Feed

Worried by the lack of chocolate swirl cheesecake recipes out there that are appropriate for those on vegan diets? Worry no longer, because we have found the perfect vegan recipe for a cheesecake that looks simply as good as it tastes!

The inclusion of fresh raspberries to serve alongside the cheesecake really was such a genius touch, as the sharpness of the berries directly contrasts with the creaminess of the cheesecake itself. 

13. Crazy For Crust

Crazy For Crust is one of the ultimate places to go to for awesome recipes for cheesecake, and as such it is also one of the best places to find recipes for chocolate swirl cheesecakes

The chocolate swirls created here are very subtle visually, but are definitely not lacking in rich and full-bodied chocolatey flavor! 

The way that the chocolate swirls taste, intermingled amongst the main vanilla dessert section is totally to die for. This recipe will help you to make a dessert that is truly the height of decadence!

14. Calorie Control

If you want to keep on top of your calorie intake and still enjoy the delight of a chocolate swirl cheesecake, then this is the recipe you will want to follow.

The texture and taste of the cheesecake itself is so perfect that you would otherwise have no idea that the cheesecake itself was so low in calories! 

And the resulting cheesecake also looks totally beautiful to boot! This recipe truly is a work of art! 

15. Very Best Baking

Make adorable cheesecake triangles that can easily be served out at a party using this incredible recipe

We loved not only how these little cheesecake segments looked, but also just how great they tasted. Despite being so small they were totally big on flavor and personality, and they totally held their own.

They were really easy to dish out amongst guests and went down a treat every time we made them ourselves. 

Best of all, they are actually relatively easy to make, especially when compared to other cheesecake recipes that can be found all across the internet! 

To Wrap Up

You may not otherwise think that there would be too many ways to make a unique chocolate swirl cheesecake, but we hope that some of these delightful recipes have been enough to convince you otherwise! 

These are just a small few of the best recipes for chocolate swirl cheesecakes across the internet, but they are also definitely some of the very best.

Try some of them out for yourself, because we are sure that your guests will adore them, and that you will also love them yourself!

Mark Williams