15 Delicious Jam Tart Recipes You Will Love

Jam tarts are a very popular dessert or baked treat that are loved by everyone. One of the best things about jam tarts is that you have the ability to use whatever jam you fancy.

You can even choose your jam depending on the colors to make the aesthetics of your jam exactly what you want.

1. Jam Tarts

Let’s begin with a standard jam tart recipe. This is a simple, classic recipe that is nice and easy to make. You can try baking these jam tarts with the kids due to the simple nature of the recipe.

This recipe advises adding a small amount of water to your jam to stop the jam from hardening when it is being baked. 

You should try and use a shallow tray when you are baking these jam tarts.

Muffin trays are too deep for these jam tarts and can mean that your jam tarts won’t bake properly. 

2. Festive Triangle Tarts

These  festive triangle tarts are filled with whatever jam you choose, pick your favorite and get baking! The tarts are made from a butter cookie recipe.

You don’t need many ingredients to carry out these tarts, however, they do take quite a lot of prep time and baking time. This is because you will need to refrigerate the pastry in order to allow it to harden during the process.

Once you have mixed together the ingredients for the housing, you will then have to put it in the refrigerator. It could take up to 4 hours to make these tarts. 

3. Cream Jam Tarts 

These jam tarts will look perfect for a bake sale, or on your dining table. They are almost too aesthetically pleasing to eat, but their taste may just override this.

The tart shells are buttery and delicious. Remember, you can always choose your preferred jam for these jam tarts. 

These tarts won’t disappoint. They are topped with a dollop of fresh cream to complement the taste of the jam and the butter pastry.

These tarts are perfect for special occasions and parties as well as just as a snack to have in the house.

With this recipe, it is a good idea to give the tarts some time to set in the fridge before you serve them. 

You should also make sure when following this recipe that you allow the tarts time to cool before you fill them. This is so that the cream filling isn’t melted.

4. Mini Jam Tarts

You should use whatever jam you want to fill these cute little tarts. They do not need very complicated ingredients, so you should give them a go today.

They are bitesize, meaning they work great as one feature in a dessert spread. The whole family will love these mini jam tarts so don’t expect many leftovers! 

The great thing about these tarts, though, is that they can last a few days in the refrigerator, so you don’t have to worry about making them the day that they are needed.

You can also store them if there do happen to be any leftovers.

5. Easy Vegan Jam Tarts

Jam tarts are a great way to bring Birtain to the US. They are a classic and traditional British bake which are commonly served in the afternoon with a cup of tea.

This vegan recipe is easy, tasty and fun to make.

You can enjoy this classic childhood treat even if you have these dietary requirements, and they will taste exactly the same as you remember them to.

This recipe encourages you to make homemade jam for the tarts because it is fun and exciting.

You can choose your preferred jam flavor, or you can even combine some jams together to create your own flavor. 

6. Berry Jam Lattice Tart

This tart looks great when you present it to your friends and family. They will be truly impressed and they won’t be able to resist the tart.

The finishing touches on this tart are essential as they make the tart look ready to present.

Sprinkle the tart with caster sugar and then bake it for 30 minutes until the pastry is golden on top and the filling is nice and warm. 

You should allow this tart to cool down until it reaches room temperature. This is the best temperature for the tart to be served at.

You should serve the tart with ice-cream or cream. 

7. Queen Of Hearts Jam Tarts

These jam tarts are inspired by Alice in Wonderland. They look great and you will blow away your friends and family with the look and taste of these tarts.

They are super fun to make and not too difficult. You will need a cookie cutter in order to make these tarts. 

If you’re having a mad hatters tea party, this recipe is certainly for you. You should give this recipe a try.

Remember, you shouldn’t serve these tarts as soon as they come out of the oven as the jam gets very hot. Wait a few minutes before you serve them.

You can also serve them alongside cream or ice-cream.

8. Apricot Jam Tarts

Apricot jam tarts are a very wintery recipe. They are a delicious Christmas dessert which will please every year.

It’s a lot of fun to bake together at Christmas time, so get the whole family in on these apricot flavor jam tarts. If you’re not a fan of apricot, you can always switch out the jam for another flavor.

You can pick the size of your jam tarts. You can make more, smaller tarts or a few, larger ones. This often depends on the size of your cookie cutter.

You should also note that you will have to adjust the quantity of jam inside your tarts depending on their size. 

9. Coconut Meringue Jam Tarts

If you’re a coconut lover, these jam tarts are perfect for you. They consist of a soft pastry that is quite flaky and they are filled with delicious strawberry jam.

They are also covered with a crispy coconut meringue. 

These tarts are irresistible. Perhaps not everyone will love these jam tarts, but if you’re a fan of coconut then you can’t really go wrong.

They are not too difficult to make and they are a lot of fun. Get the kids involved in baking these.

You should bite into the softness of these delicious tarts and you will be hit with the delicious tang of jam. The pastry should be fairly light and soft, too.

10. Spooky Blackberry Jam Tart

This recipe is a great one to make with the kids around Halloween. It is terrifyingly tasty and fits the mood of halloween.

With the blackberry jam filling, you will not be disappointed with the way this tart looks or tastes.

With this recipe, it is best to make the tart the day before you need it and leave it to cool in the refrigerator overnight.

Make sure it reaches near room temperature again before you serve it, so take it out an hour or so before it is needed. 

It is a good idea to serve this tart with cream or ice-cream. You can also serve it hot if this is preferred by you and your guests.

11. Apple Jam Tart

This jam tart will take around an hour and a half to prepare. It is a delicious and fairly healthy dessert when compared to lots of others.

The sliced apples that are placed on top of the pie will add some crunch to the dish as they will be slightly hard even after baking.

You are able to prepare the pastry a few days prior to when it will be needed, and store it in the freezer until then.

Remember, if you don’t have the chance to make a pastry base yourself, you can always use a store bought one. You can also opt to make a smaller tart than the one on the recipe, depending on how many people it needs to serve.

12. Chestnut Jam Tart

This recipe swaps out the usual crust on a jam tart which is often shortbread, for a chestnut crust. The dough on a chestnut jam tart is quick and easy to make in comparison.

It is easy to lay out, too, because the chestnut dough creates its own edge as it bakes. 

In this recipe, it is recommended that you use red jam because it looks the best. The prettiest jams are red fruits such as plum, raspberry, strawberry or cherry.

13. Fruit Tart

This jam tart also has fresh fruit on top. It looks great and transforms what is usually a wintery dessert into a spring and summer one. 

14. Easy Jam Tart 

This recipe is super easy to make and so it is a great one to make with the kids. You can make this tart any time of year and it will impress. 

15. Pastry Jam Tarts

These pastry jam tarts look great. They are bitesize and you shouldn’t expect to have many leftovers at the end of the day.

Final Thoughts 

Now you have plenty of jam tart recipes to try out.

There are lots of different variations on this list, so give some of them a go and find out which ones you and your family love the most!

Mark Williams