15 Delicious Plum Galette Recipes You Have To Try

Regardless of whether you call it a plum galette or a plum tart, you will undoubtedly adore indulging in this wonderful dessert.

This gorgeous galette consists of a crackle crust that is lightly folded over a wholesome filling of juicy plums.

15 Delicious Plum Galette Recipes You Have To Try

It is simply a free-from pie that has been baked using a sheet pan, and it has the perfect balance between pastry and fruit.

If you are nervous about baking your own crust, do not fret!

These all-butter crusts are incredibly easy to make and they can be made in under a minute using a food processor if you choose to do so.

Do not be tempted to peel off the pleated crust without sampling the hearty center of your galette, as a combination of the two is utterly to die for!

In this article, I will outline 15 delicious plum galette recipes for you to indulge in, and you are guaranteed to find the right recipe for you in the list below.

1) Plum Galette – Once Upon A Chef

This recipe from Once Upon A Chef outlines an easy and convenient means of making the perfect plum galette.

Thus, you are guaranteed to make a dish that is heartily filled with an abundance of fruit and flavor.

The crust is also delightfully sculpted to perfection, and you will not regret the time spent making this galette.

2) Plum Galette – The Taste Edit

The crust on this galette is beautifully golden and pleated to perfection.

This recipe is incredibly easy to follow, guaranteeing that you can sculpt the ultimate summer dessert with minimal hassle involved.

The bursts of fruit contained in this galette ruminate around your palate upon consumption and the flaky crust provides the perfect contrasting texture.

3) Rustic Plum Galette – Foodal

This recipe by Foodal outlines a rustic plum galette that is rugged and wonderful.

If you are looking to bake without worrying about the overall aesthetic, then this is the recipe for you.

This galette may be rougher around the edges, but it is undoubtedly delicious, delivering bursts of fruit-filled flavor with every single mouthful.

4) Plum Galette – Waitrose

This recipe from Waitrose is a little more sophisticated than the previous galette.

Thus, if you are looking to showcase your refined baking skills, then you should choose to follow this recipe.

The result is a beautifully crafted plum galette that is filled with the finest ingredients and the highest quality flavors.

5) Plum Galette – Simply Recipes

This plum galette recipe is incredibly simple to follow, ensuring that beginners that easily craft this wonderfully wholesome dish for a summer gathering.

The bursts of fruit are beautifully balanced with the simplistic pastry crust, inherently providing you with the utmost texture and taste.

6) Summer Plum Galette – The Original Dish

This plum galette recipe is uniquely original. If you are looking for a refreshing treat to serve on a summer’s day, then this is definitely the dessert for you.

You will salivate endlessly after wrapping your jaws around this refreshing tart.

It is also notably aesthetically pleasing, and the layers of purple plums are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your guests!

7) Healthy Plum Galette – Hedi Hearts

If you are looking for a healthier option, then this healthy plum galette recipe is perfect for you.

This recipe uses refined ingredients that are selected to ensure that your tart remains delicious while also being low in fat.

You should definitely follow this recipe if you are on a diet and are wanting to make a pastry-based dessert that is flaky, wholesome, and filled with healthy vibrance.

8) Plum & Almond Galette – Lost In Food

This is the perfect galette for nut lovers! The sweetness of the almonds complements the sweet flavor of the plums, adding an additional burst of flavor.

The crunch of the almonds also contrasts the softened plums, ensuring that you are provided with the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for a fruit tart that is layered with multifaceted textures and tastes, then this is the galette recipe for you!

9) Plum Galette – Roamingtaste

This galette uses buttermilk to create the most wholesome blend of tastes and textures.

Your tart will be baked to completion in just over an hour, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the end results.

If you are looking for bursts of buttermilk-laden flavor, then this is the galette recipe for you!

10) Peach-Plum Galette – Bon Appetit

This recipe from Bon Appetit outlines a simplistic way of making the perfect peach-plum galette.

If you are looking for additional fruitiness, then this is the tart for you.

This recipe also includes ginger, adding a much needed spice to your galette.

The combination of differing flavors within this start makes it a stand-out option on this list.

11) Plum Galette – Saving Room For Dessert

This recipe uses plum preserves alongside almonds and a range of other ingredients in order to create a taste sensation!

The ground almonds add a nuance to this tart that is unmatched.

Thus, if you are looking for a galette that incorporates a wide range of different textures, then this is the recipe that is best suited to your desires.

12) Plum Galette With Buckwheat Crust – Feasting At Home

If you are looking for the perfect galette for a summer or winter’s feast, then you should definitely consider making this tart.

This recipe uses a buckwheat crust that is beautifully decadent and wholesome.

Regardless of whether you are a lover of buckwheat or not, you are guaranteed to adore this plum galette!

13) Plum Galette – MyGourmetCollection

This gourmet recipe outlines how to make the perfect up-market plum galette.

If you are looking for a gourmet dish that is guaranteed to have your guests impressed and salivating, then this is the galette for you.

Your tart will be baked to perfection in 1 hour and 15 minutes, leaving you plentiful time to prepare for the remainder of the evening’s events.

14) Fresh Plum Galette – Macheesmo

These pastries are fresh and gorgeous. If you are looking for the freshest plum galette that is filled with bursts of fruit-filled flavor, then this is definitely the recipe for you.

The freshness of the plums is wonderfully complemented by the use of almond paste and flour, providing a nuttiness that is second to none.

If you are looking for a range of contrasting tastes and textures within your galette, then this is definitely the best recipe for you.

15) Plum Galette – Food Network

This recipe outlines a simplistic means of making plum galettes.

These can be served at gatherings and events in order to ensure that your guests are more than satisfied.

The inclusion of lemon in this recipe adds another level of fruit-filled freshness, ensuring that you have the perfect pastries to serve on the hottest of summer days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prevent My Galette From Going Soggy?

In order to stop your plum galette from becoming soggy, you can choose to dust your galette crusts with semolina flour or breadcrumbs prior to adding any filling or baking.

This will ensure that your pastry crusts remain perfectly firm, flaky, and crisped to perfection.

This applies regardless of whether you choose to add berries on top of your crust or not. 

How Do I Know When My Galette Is Done?

Your galette should be baked until the crisp has reached a golden-brown color and the fruit has begun to bubble.

This process can take anywhere between 30 minutes to over an hour.

You should ensure that you transfer your plum galette, including the parchment paper, to a wire rack and allow it to cool down properly prior to slicing it.


To conclude, this article has outlined 15 delicious recipes for plum galettes that are guaranteed to have you salivating.

These recipes are all incredibly easy to follow and thus, this is a tart that can be baked by beginning bakers as well as those who are more experienced.

If you are a lover of nuts, then many of these tarts incorporate almonds into their composition, and you will therefore be incredibly satisfied with the contrasting tastes and textures contained within these plum galettes.

You should ensure that you are sprinkling your dough crusts with semolina flour prior to adding any plum filling to your galette or baking it.

This will inherently ensure that your galette remains firm and does not become soggy during the cooking process.

A soggy galette is a sad sight to see, and you may also wish to pre-prepare your crusts in order to make the baking process easier if you are baking a galette at the last minute.

I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative. Thank you for reading.

Mark Williams