12 Delicious Rhubarb Cream Pie Recipes You Will Love

Rhubarb cream pies (also known as rhubarb custard pies) have been a staple of home cooking for generations at this point.

Sure, it might not be as fancy as Black Forest gâteaux, or even as iconic as apple pie or strudel.

12 Delicious Rhubarb Cream Pie Recipes You Will Love

However, rhubarb has always been a reliable ingredient for many dessert recipes across the world.

From its convenience in procuring, to how simple it is to cook and bake with, to even how easy it is to grow for yourself in the right conditions.

All of these factors come together to make an understated, but forever appreciated dessert recipe for any home.

While there may be a lot more iconic dessert pies out there, the rhubarb pie and its variations are true working champions of the dessert recipe world.

This is probably why there are so many recipes out there for this little dish! We’re not the only ones that love it, that’s for sure!

So, if you have also been trying to wade through the mountain of rhubarb pie recipes that you can find online, we have just the list for you!

Here, we have compiled the best rhubarb cream pie recipes that you can make for yourself, as well as some extra rhubarb pies recipes that you may be interested in baking if you’re looking to shake things up a little in your kitchen!

1. Rhubarb Cream Pie

Starting this list with a great take on this old classic recipe, we have an excellent recipe that is perfect for anyone looking for a little home cooking in their day.

As we’ve already mentioned, rhubarb pie recipes are old classics when it comes to desserts, especially in more rural communities that don’t have access to many fruits from further afield.

This often means that many homes will end up cultivating and creating their family recipe that is passed from generation to generation.

We’ve all got recipes in our family that we love to eat when they are whipped out of the old family notebook, and this Rhubarb cream pie is just such a recipe.

It’ll feel like an old relative has made it with love and care when you taste it for yourself!

2. Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

Recipes for rhubarb pie aren’t exactly thin on the ground, as you’ll find in this list.

One of the main characteristics that many people who have eaten rhubarb will know about is its somewhat sour taste, especially when not compensated by a hefty amount of sugar or other sweeteners.

However, for many chefs and cooks across the land and history, that isn’t a bug. If anything, it’s a feature that should be enjoyed.

Hence, the advent of these more sour rhubarb cream pie recipes that you’ll see dotted around this guide!

While preparation will not take too long, make sure that you give it plenty of time in the oven to cook right!

In a little over an hour, you’ll have the perfect hearty dessert pie to eat and share!

3. Rhubarb Custard Pie

Rhubarb and custard go together like peanut butter and jelly, or… well, rhubarb and custard!

This age-old recipe has been a favorite of rural communities across the country, in every corner!

The best rhubarb custard pies, as well as many of the crumblier pies on this list, all rely on good time management to get the best flavor and texture combo.

The crust should be crumbly and flaky as it enters your mouth, as it sits and absorbs flavors from the equally decadent filling that you will have prepared inside!

This has been a classic recipe for farmers for centuries at this point. And with a sweet mouthful of flavor like this, it’s not hard to see why!

4. Amish Rhubarb Custard Pie

Told you this recipe was a favorite in every corner of the country! When we said ‘every corner’, we meant it!

Amish cooking is a great source of recipes and inspiration if you’re looking for amazing spins on classic recipes. Given Amish day-to-day life, that probably shouldn’t be too surprising!

Don’t be worried about preparing the custard filling for this recipe.

One of the best parts about this dish is that, as it cooks for up to an hour, the filings that you have added to the baked crust will slowly mix by themselves, creating a unique texture that won’t be beaten anytime soon, especially when it comes to other custard pies like this!

5. Grandma Maude’s Rhubarb Custard Pie

Ah, the fabled grandma pie recipe? Do you even really qualify as a true grandma if you don’t have one of these in your repertoire eventually?

Well, you do, but you get the point.

After years of cooking, baking, and preparing food, it would probably be more strange for your grandparents to not have at least one recipe that they are known for across the family.

Grandma Maude’s happens to be a stunning custard and rhubarb pie, baked to perfection, and ready to eat in less than 2 hours!

6. Easy Crustless Rhubarb Custard Cream Pie

While many people often feel that a crust is vital to a good pie or crumble dessert like this, it’s not exactly everyone’s favorite part of a pie.

Especially when it has been overbaked, even just a little, and that crumbliness just turns to burnt crumbs.

So, if you prefer to enjoy the juicy and delicious innards of a good rhubarb pie, you’re in luck. This recipe will be just for you!

The trick with this recipe is to make sure that you have your ingredients lined correctly at the bottom of your pot, tin, or whatever other implements you’re using to hold your pie in!

Not only that, but this gluten-free recipe also takes next to no time to bake, less than 20 minutes!

So, if you want a rhubarb pie that won’t take all day to prepare, you know where you should be looking!

7. Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie

Finally! We’ve arrived at the rhubarb cream pie in the list about rhubarb cream pies!

When it comes to cream pie flavors, rhubarb is sorely underused in our opinion. Perhaps the sourness turns people away, thinking that it just doesn’t work with the classic cream pie recipe.

However, one bite from this particular dish will show you just how wrong that idea is!

If anything, the sweet and somewhat sour aftertaste, when combined with a whipped topping (and maybe a little vanilla extract if you’re feeling bold) is unlike anything else on this list.

8. Sour Cream Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Of course, like any good dessert, it was only a matter of time before the many sweet fruits and vegetables used in these kinds of dishes were mixed.

Considering that the sour and bitter elements of a good piece of rhubarb often need to be tempered with some other kind of sweetened flavor to work, it would make sense that people would stop using old-fashioned sugar, and instead try adding other sweet ingredients.

And when it comes to sweet fruit that is used in baking, there probably isn’t a more popular option than strawberries.

And that balance is perfected in this recipe. Just make sure to add a dollop of heavy cream before you serve your slices out!

9. Rhubarb Cream Pie

Now, if you consider yourself a veteran when it comes to baking with rhubarb, you probably want to set yourself a little challenge.

If that sounds like you, then you need to test your skill with this recipe idea!

While this recipe is a little more intricate than some of the other dishes that we’ve covered so far, it is by no means an impossible challenge and is a great next step on your baking culinary journey.

10. Peoria Rhubarb Cream Pie

This dish comes straight out of Illinois!

Once again, patience and time will be your best allies in making this Peoria-city classic dessert!

Make sure that you keep an eye on that timer. The crust should be immaculate when prepared right, and not left to overbake!

11. Rhubarb Cream Pie

This is the perfect family recipe to bring to the table during a mid-week dinner when the weekend is still some ways off, and you and your family need a little pick-me-up!

Rhubarb cream pie is a recipe that is popular with practically all ages.

While younger kids might turn their noses up initially at any dessert that isn’t ice cream or cake, one bite will be all they need to become lifelong fans of this pie!

12. Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Pie

Finally, we have another textbook example of how to mix your baking greens to make one unbeatable cream pie!

While the cream isn’t the first ingredient of choice to mix with rhubarb for many, it is with strawberries, which might explain why these flavors work so well together!

Final Thoughts

Like what you see here? Then make sure to try it out for yourself!

Mark Williams