Does Blueberry Pie Need To Be Refrigerated?

Blueberry pie is a totally incredible dessert that always goes down a treat at dinner parties and family gatherings. The dessert is moreish, sweet, and totally decadent.

As a result, you’ll often find that some is leftover whenever you serve it. But are you supposed to refrigerate it when you’re not eating it? 

Does Blueberry Pie Need To Be Refrigerated

In fact, should you even place a full blueberry into the refrigerator? What would happen if you didn’t put a blueberry pie into the refrigerator? Have you found yourself pondering these questions for some time now?

Well, prepare to fret no longer, because we are going to take a deep look into whether or not you need to put blueberry pie into the refrigerator! So why not read on down below and find out everything you have been seeking! 

Does Blueberry Pie Need To Be Refrigerated?

Technically speaking, blueberry pie does not necessarily need to be placed into the refrigerator. However, you should still aim to place a blueberry pie into the fridge whenever possible.

Ordinary pies that contain dairy or egg products should always be placed into a refrigerator whenever possible, as the perishable ingredients cause them to spoil very quickly.

On the other hand, fruit pies, much like blueberry pie, will not spoil quite so quickly, and thus do not need to be placed straight into a refrigerator. In fact, a blueberry pie could easily last upward of two day at room temperature.

The reason why blueberry pies and other fruit pies can remain at room temperature for a small period is because of the high concentration of sugar and acid that can naturally be found within the fruit.

These two can work together directly to slow bacteria growth, which in turn helps to keep the pie from rotting quickly! 

What Would Happen If You Left A Blueberry Pie At Room Temperature For More Than Two Days?

If you were to leave a blueberry pie out on a kitchen counter for longer than two days, then you may eventually begin to see signs of spoiling.

For the first day after the two days have elapsed, the pie should still be mostly fine, but you may begin to notice that the pie crust and pastry have begun to become stale.

The texture and taste of the fruit may change slightly too, and may even become more sour. 

Anytime after three days, it would be best to avoid consuming any of the leftover pie as at that point, bacteria may have finally begun to propagate across the pie, and you may experience mold that will directly alter the taste of the pie

What Would Happen If You Ate Spoiled Blueberry Pie?

If you do find that you have consumed some blueberry pie that is a little bit past its best and that has expired, then you will be totally fine. Don’t worry. A small amount of spoiled food is unlikely to cause any harm. 

At worst, you may experience some slight stomach cramps within 24 hours of having consumed the pie. How painful the stomach cramps are will largely depend on the amount of pie consumed.

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If you consume a larger portion of pie that is spoiled, then you will likely experience longer or more painful cramps. 

It is very unlikely that you would develop complications from consuming spoiled blueberry pie, but if you find that you experience negative symptoms for more than 24 hours after consuming a slice of the pie, then it would be worth consulting your doctor!

How Do You Help Blueberry Pie To Keep Longer?

If you want a blueberry pie to last longer, then there are a number of things you can do to help facilitate that!

If you are keeping a blueberry pie out at room temperature, and you plan to consume it within two days, it is recommended to cover it with a glass bowl, or another type of cover.

The reason for this is because it helps to keep small insects and other pests from reaching the pie, as well as helping to keep the air around the pie sealed off, further helping to stave off bacteria growth.

However, easily the best way to help a blueberry pie to last longer is to place it into the refrigerator. Placing a blueberry pie in the refrigerator can help it to last much longer.

A blueberry pie placed in a refrigerator can last upwards of 4 to 5 days. This time frame can then be stretched slightly further by ensuring that the blueberry pie is stored properly.

We recommend placing the pie in a sealed container, to help protect it from the elements, and also to ensure that it does not take on the flavor of other ingredients in the fridge.

Can You Put Blueberry Pie Into The Freezer?

Yes. You can very easily place blueberry pie into the freezer if you so wish, and in fact it can be a great way to extend its shelf life. Blueberry pie can last up to 6 months when placed into a freezer!

However, you should try to consume the pie within that 6 month time frame, as after some time it may develop freezer burn, which can directly alter the flavor for the worse!

You should also try to avoid refreezing blueberry pie where possible. The process of thawing and refreezing food directly alters the cells of the food, which in turn irreparably alters the texture and flavor of the food.

To keep blueberry pie at its best, try not to refreeze it more than one time!

To Wrap Up

There we have it! While blueberry pie can definitely last on your kitchen counter at room temperature for upwards of 2 days, you should aim instead to keep it in the refrigerator as often as possible.

This significantly increases its lifespan, keeping it fresher for longer.

Mark Williams