Ultimate Guide: Does White Claw Go Bad?

Most products come with an expiration date, so you know when to expect the product to be no longer edible. However, White Claw doesn’t come with a specific expiration date so it can be difficult to know how long it is okay to keep before it goes bad.

Ultimate Guide: Does White Claw Go Bad?

Technically, White Claw will never go bad. However, it does have a code on the can that indicates its production date.

It is recommended that you should try to consume this drink within a year of the production date as the taste may change after a year has gone by.

Having said this, some people have tasted their white claw after a year, and claim that it is still completely fine.

So, if you’re wondering whether White Claw goes bad, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with an ultimate guide to White Claw and will answer this question in great detail. Let’s dive in!

What Is White Claw?

White Claw is a type of alcoholic beverage. It is a hard seltzer that is made from alcohol, fruit flavoring, and carbonated water.

It is low in calories, sugar, and gluten making it perfect for those who are watching their diet. It is a great alternative to wine or beer!

Can Unopened White Claw Go Bad?

The White Claw website claims that their drinks will last up to 12 months when they are unopened. These hard seltzers are stored in a can, ensuring that they have a long shelf life.

However, some White Claw customers have claimed that their White Claw has gone bad after a few weeks.

White Claw is very unlikely to go bad if it isn’t opened and it is stored correctly. However, certain factors can mean that the seltzer will lose some of its flavor and fizziness over time.

Damaged Can

If the can that is storing the White Claw is dented, this can affect the quality of the drink inside the can.

Hot Or Humid Environment

As well as this, if the cans are stored in a certain environment then the drink may go bad more quickly. For instance, if the cans are stored in a hot or humid environment, they may lose some of their fizz and flavor over time.

Stored For Over 12 Months

If the cans have been kept for more than 12 months, these drinks inside may not be as fresh as they previously were.

So, if you’re unsure about whether or not your White Claw is still okay, it is likely that it will be.

How To Tell If White Claw Has Gone Bad?

Ultimate Guide: Does White Claw Go Bad?

If you open a can of White Claw and it has gone bad, there are a few different telltale signs that you can look out for.


If your White Claw has gone bad, you will often be able to tell from the smell of the drink. It will usually have a sour smell that is similar to the smell of vinegar.


This drink will also not taste right if it is off. It will usually taste sour and unappealing.


The color of the drink may also change if the White Claw has gone bad. The drink will be much darker than it was when it first opened.

So, if you notice any of these things about your White Claw, it is best to throw it away.

Drinking bad alcohol is never a good idea as it can cause vomiting and nausea, even causing hospitalization in severe cases. If your White Claw looks and smells off, then you should always go for the safest option!

How Do You Read The Expiration Code On White Claw?

White Claw doesn’t have an expiration date in the same way as certain foods and drinks have. However, it does have a production date on the bottom of the can.

This code will tell you when the beer was canned, and from there you can figure out how long it will stay fresh.

This code consists of 4 letters, the first two letters representing the month and the last two letters representing the year that it was canned.

If your cans are stored properly, away from direct sunlight and in a dry, cool place, then they should last around a year from the date that they were canned, so you should add a year onto the production date on your can.

If your White Claws have been in the fridge, then they may last slightly longer than if they are not.

It is definitely a good idea to check the code before you drink the drink as it could save you from getting sick!

Can You Drink White Claw That Has Expired?

White Claw is a great drink to crack out at parties. But, if you happen to open up a White Claw that is expired, should you still drink it?

The answer to this is yes and no! If you check the drink first to see if it is expired, and it tastes fine, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t drink it!

There are a few downsides to drinking expired White Claw, though! These include:

  • The alcohol content in the drink may decrease over time, so if you are looking to get drunk off the drink, you may want to opt for a newer can
  • If the can is dented or damaged, it may not taste very good!
  • The flavor of the drink may change slightly with time

What Happens If You Drink Expired White Claw?

Expired White Claw does not pose any long-term health risks, instead, it is just not very nice to drink. It can be flat and it may not taste very nice. This is because the drink may have become flat over time, making it very dissatisfying.

What Is The Best Way To Store White Claw?

If you are hoping to prolong the life span of your White Claw, you should make sure that you store it in the best way, specifically ensuring that it remains sealed.

You should make sure that you store your White Claw when it has not yet been opened. Once your White Claw can have been opened, you should not keep it for longer than 3-5 days. During this time, it may become flat and will no longer taste fresh.

If you have opened your White Claw and you don’t want to finish all of it, you should keep it in the refrigerator to make it as fresh as possible. When kept cold, it will preserve its fizziness and flavor.

What Happens When You Have Opened A Can Of White Claw?

Once you have opened a can of White Claw, the drink will start to go flat within about 2 hours, so it is best to drink up in that time. Once the drink is flat, it is not very enjoyable!

If you end up not finishing the drink, the best place for it is in the refrigerator. This will keep it cool, and it will prevent the carbonation from escaping the drink.

What Alcohol Is White Claw Made From?

White Claw has been compared to both beer and vodka in the past. It reminds people of vodka and soda drinks, as well as light beers. However, this alcoholic beverage is neither beer nor vodka.

White Claw is a flavored malt beverage made from a mix of seltzer water, a gluten-free alcohol base, and a fruit flavor.

The alcohol in this drink is made from fermented sugars that come from gluten-free grains.

Benefits Of Drinking Hard Seltzer

Ultimate Guide: Does White Claw Go Bad?

There are many benefits of drinking hard seltzer. This drink has recently become very popular, and there are many benefits to drinking this drink.

Lose Weight

Hard seltzer is much lower in calories than beer, wine, or other drinks. On average, a can of beer contains about 150 calories, whereas a hard seltzer contains only a small fraction of these calories.

If you are on certain diets, this drink is suitable and will fit into the diet. For example, the drink is keto-friendly.

Better For Your Gut Health

Hard seltzers are also better for your gut health than other drinks. They contain much less sugar than other alcoholic beverages, making them much easier for your body to break down.

This is not only good for your long-term health, but it will also mean that you do not have as much of a stomach ache after a heavy night out!

Gets You Tipsy Quickly!

Hard seltzers will affect you a lot more quickly than some other alcoholic drinks. This is because the drink is carbonated, meaning your bloodstream will absorb the drink much more quickly than non-carbonated drinks.

No Hangovers!

While hard seltzer is not a miracle, drinking this drink can help the morning after go a lot more smoothly than if you spent the night before drinking wine!

These drinks keep you hydrated throughout the night and contain much less sugar, meaning you are more likely to avoid a hangover.

Hangovers are made worse by sugar and dehydration, and these drinks combat both of these causes.

Hard seltzers also don’t have any added chemicals which could cause headaches the next day.

Are White Claws Healthy?

White Claw has been the leader of the shift towards healthier alcoholic beverages, so, you may be wondering whether the drink is actually good for you.

In comparison to some alcoholic beverages, White Claw is low in calories, sugar-free, and doesn’t contain any added chemicals. However, White Claw is not healthy. It contains no nutrients, and it is just 100 empty calories.

White Claw is healthier than lots of other drinks, but it should still be considered a treat.

If you are concerned about your diet, it is a good idea to avoid White Claw completely, because it is still an alcoholic beverage that can have lots of negative effects on your body.

White Claw can cause weight gain, dry skin, cancer, liver disease, and dehydration. For these reasons, it is best to avoid White Claw too often.

Can You Drink White Claw Every Day?

It is not a great idea to drink White Claw every day. This can put you at risk of developing alcohol-related diseases or injuries.

While one can of White Claw every day is unlikely to cause any major health problems, it is still not recommended.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! This article has explored the shelf life of White Claw including how to tell if it has gone bad, and whether it is safe to drink.

As well as this, you have been gifted with an ultimate guide to White Claw! Having read this article, you should be very knowledgeable on the topic.

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