How Many Chocolate Chips In A Cup?

If you do a lot of baking that uses chocolate chips, then you might have wondered how many chocolate chips are in each cup you use. In most recipes that are written for an American audience, the measurement that is most commonly used is cups.

So, if you have been baking a lot of recipes that use these chocolate chips, then you might want to know just how many chocolate chips are in each of these cups. 

How Many Chocolate Chips In A Cup

A common reason people want to know how many chocolate chips are in a cup is so they can have a simple method of measuring if they do not have access to measuring cups, or a kitchen scale.

Sometimes you will just have to count your chocolate chips if you want to be precise (and if you do not want to be precise, just use as many chocolate chips as your heart desires).

So, if you want to know how many chocolate chips will be in a cup to save going out and buying new measuring cups or a scale, then you are in the right place!

However, there is one catch that stops us from giving a simple answer, and that is there are many different types of chocolate chips. Of course there are the different types of chocolate used like white and dark chocolate, but there are also different sizes.

If you have shopped for chocolate chips before then you have probably seen the mini chocolate chips and even the jumbo chocolate chips, because of this, saying how many chocolate chips are in one cup can have a variety of different answers.

But, do not worry, we have all the answers here.

If you want to know how many standard sized chocolate chips are in a measuring cup, then we have used the standard Nestle Toll House chocolate chips since these are one of the most common and standard sized chocolate chips.

In one cup of chocolate chips, there were around 310 chocolate chips. So, if you want to be really be specific with your measurements, then you can work with 310 chocolate chips for each cup the recipe asks for.

However, this is only the answer for standard chocolate chips, so if you want to know the others, keep reading!

For example, if you are looking at how many mini chocolate chips are in a cup, far more can fit in compared to a standard one, in fact, over 1800 mini chocolate chips on average can fit into one cup.

However, the opposite is also true for jumbo chocolate chips which are of course much bigger than chocolate chips, so only around 185 of these can fit in each cup.

Now if you are getting even bigger, only about 120 chocolate chunks can fit into a cup, and for white chocolate chips, a little under 400 on average fit into a cup.

If you want even more information on measuring and counting chocolate chips, we will go into detail throughout this guide, so keep reading for all the information on our method and different types of chocolate chips!

How To Get A Chocolate Chip Count?

Since we know that in every cup of chocolate chips there will be 6 ounces of chocolate chips on average and this is how much recipes are usually asking for when they say a cup of chocolate chips, we have used our precise kitchen scale to help us get our measurements.

On top of this, and as mentioned in the introduction, we have also used a wide variety of different types of chocolate chips that are commonly used in recipes.

This includes not just normal chocolate chips, but also mini chocolate chips, jumbo chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and chocolate chunks. 

When working with ingredients in baking and cooking, it is worth remembering that your ingredients will either be measured by their count, their volume, or their weight.

The choice of these usually depends on what is easiest and most consistent to get a good measurement.

This is why liquids tend to always be measured in volume while ingredients like flour or sugar are more commonly weighed by mass, and more standardized ingredients which are easy to count, will usually be measured using this system. 

This is why we had to ensure that when we were working with cups for this guide that we needed to be as precise as possible to ensure that the cups of chocolate we were using were consistent to ensure that the results and counts we gave would get you good consistent results!

We will go over the method we used in this section!

Weighing Chocolate Chips

If you were not aware, a single cup of chocolate chips will weigh 6 ounces, or 170 grams, so if you have a kitchen scale, then this is the amount you can go with.

So, to aid with this guide we used a kitchen scale to weigh this exact amount of chocolate chips for each type of chocolate chip we used to ensure that when counting we would be working with the correct amount.

If you want to get the most precise measurement possible, using a kitchen scale is the optimal method. If you often bake, but do not have a scale, we recommend this investment!

There are other benefits that come with investing in a kitchen scale, especially a digital one. For example, your baking will be more consistent, and you can also make easy conversions as well using built-in features, for example, converting between grams and ounces is simple!

Counting Chocolate Chips

So, once we had our 6 ounces of chocolate chips to work with, all we had to do was count the amount of chocolate chips we measured (the most painful being the mini chocolate chips).

We will go through each type of chocolate chip used in the next section so you have the exact amount you want to work with.

We have also converted this to smaller sizes like half and quarter cups, and we have also shown how many are in tablespoon and teaspoon sizes just in case you need this as well!

How Many Standard Chips In A Cup?

As we mentioned in the introduction, there are about 310 chocolate chips in every cup of chocolate chips, however, this can vary depending on a variety of factors. However, if you need to count your chocolate chips, then this number should work well for you.

For ¾ of a cup this is about 230 chocolate chips, for half a cup, 160 chocolate chips, a third will be a little over 100 chocolate chips, and for a quarter it will be 80 chocolate chips.

If you are measuring a tablespoon of chocolate chips this will be around 30 chocolate chips and a teaspoon will be 10 chocolate chips.

How Many Mini Chocolate Chips In A Cup?

Most mini chocolate chips are significantly smaller than standard chocolate chips being about 6 ½ times smaller than a normal one. Counting out around 1800 mini chocolate chips is painful, but this is how many you can fit in a standard cup.

For ¾ a cup this is around 1350, half, 900, a third, 600, and a quarter is 450. A tablespoon is also 130 and a teaspoon is around 50.

How Many Jumbo Chocolate Chips In A Cup?

One of our favorite types of chocolate chips to use in baking are jumbo chocolate chips and these tend to be about 1.5 times bigger than a normal chocolate chip. There will be around 185 of these in a standard cup.

So, if you are using ¾ of a cup this is a little under 140, and for half a little over 90. For a third, this is about 60 chocolate chips and a quarter is around 50. You can get about 15 jumbo chocolate chips in a tablespoon and 5 in a teaspoon.

How Many Chocolate Chunks In A Cup?

Chocolate chunks tend to be larger even than jumbo chocolate chips being about 2.2 times bigger than a standard chocolate chip. There can be around 119 chocolate chunks in a cup.

For ¾ of a cup, there are around 120 chocolate chunks and 90 in half. For a third there are a little over 40 and around 30 for a quarter. There are about 9 in tablespoons and 4 in a teaspoon.

How Many White Chocolate Chips In A Cup?

Funnily, white chocolate chips tend to be a little smaller with about 1 and a third white chocolate chips in every standard one. Because of this there are a little under 400 white chocolate chips in a cup.

For ¾ of a cup that is a little under 300 and a little under 200 for a half. For a third there are about 130 and 100 for a quarter. There are around 25 white chocolate chips in a tablespoon and 8 for a teaspoon.

How Many Chocolate Chips In A 12 Ounce Bag?

If you have a 12 ounce bag of chocolate chips you might have wondered how many are in the bag.

If you have noticed based on our previous measurements, a cup of chocolate chips will weigh around 6 ounces, so a 12 ounce bag of chocolate chips will be around double this.

So, when we counted how many standard chocolate chips were in a 12 ounce bag, we found that there were a little over 620.

How Many Cups Is 12 Ounces Of Chocolate Chips?

If you did not know, a cup of standard chocolate chips will weigh 6 ounces, so, when you find 12 ounces of chocolate chips, being double the amount of 6 ounces, this will be a volume of 2 cups.

This can make converting recipes quite easily when working with standard amounts of chocolate chips like this.

Is 8 Ounces Of Chocolate Chips 1 Cup?

No, using the standard cup measurement system, there will be 6 ounces in 1 cup, not 8 ounces. However, there is some confusion since 8 fluid ounces is one fluid cup, so depending on what type of cup you are using, there can be a different amount.

However, when we are working with dry ingredients like chocolate chips, then we would work with standard cups, not fluid cups.

How Much Is 8 Ounces Of Chocolate?

So, if you do have 8 ounces of chocolate and want to know how many standard cups of chocolate this is, this will be around 1 and a third cups of standard chocolate chips. However, this will all depend on the type of chocolate you are using and its density.

How To Measure 8 Ounces Of Chocolate?

If you are measuring chocolate, we recommend using mass as it is the most consistent method to use, and you can use a scale for this. Then you can measure in volume using cups, and as a last resort, you can measure just by counting chocolate chips.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need to understand how chocolate chips can be measured and exactly how many chocolate chips are in each cup. As you can see from throughout this guide.

It is hard to say that an exact number of chocolate chips is in each different cup since there are a wide variety of factors at play.

However, if you do not have any other methods of measuring, you can trust the numbers that we have given here for measuring chocolate chips so you can get great results when using them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is 6 Oz Of Chocolate Chips In Cups?

You will find that 6 ounces of chocolate will be the same as a cup measurement. 6 ounces of chocolate is also equivalent to 170 grams if you prefer using this measurement system.

Not everything which fits into one cup of measurement will always be 6 ounces like chocolate is. This is because just cups are a measurement of volume and proportions, not weight like ounces or grams are.

How Much Is 2 Cups Of Chocolate Chips In Grams?

Because 1 cup of chocolate chips will weigh around 170 grams, 2 cups equals about 340 grams, but this can vary depending on the density of the chocolate and how you weigh your cups.

You will also find that a lot of chocolate chip manufacturers will sell their chocolate in 2 cups or 340 gram bags like this.

Do Cups Measure Differently Around The World?

As we have mentioned a couple of times in this guide, the measuring cups which you use in the US are not the same cup measurements that are used all throughout the world, and not all countries even use the cup measurement system anyway.

Because of this, checking what country recipes come from is incredibly important as it can drastically impact how your recipes turn out. But, yes, even other countries that use cups could have a different standard for how much volume is in a cup.

For example, the legal cup size used in the US which is used for nutrition labelling is 240 ml, but the standard US cup that is used in recipes is actually a little smaller being 236.5 ml.

Then the international metric size for a cup is an easy to remember 250 ml, and finally an imperial cup is the largest size being a little over 284 ml.

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