15 Marvelous Turkey Turnover Recipes That You Will Adore

Turnovers are one of the simplest forms that a pastry can take, and what makes them doubly pleasurable is that they can also be filled with whatever you want!

Whether you want a sweet treat, such as fruit, or chocolate, or you want to fill it with savory ingredients like meats and vegetables.

The sheer versatility of turnovers has led to a massive number of unique recipes spawning all across the internet, but how are you possibly supposed to find the very best recipes amongst all of that digital noise? 

Want to find some of the best recipes for turkey turnovers from across the internet? Then you have come to the perfect place.

Today, we are going to dedicate our time to seek out 15 of the very best recipes for turkey turnovers that you can try your hand at right now. So, dive in down below, and get stuck in!

1. Taste Of Home

Do you have loads of leftover turkey piling up in your refrigerator that you’d love to make use of?

Then why not use it in some of these delightful turnovers? When it comes to making the most of every inch of turkey meat, this recipe definitely knows what it is doing. 

We loved how it managed to draw out the flavor of the meat, and how easily the flavors of the filling managed to absorb themselves into the pastry. 

And if this is your first time making turnovers, then this recipe is a great one to start with.

2. Natasha’s Kitchen

This recipe is actually adapted from a Slavic recipe that has been handed down for many generations, so you can rest assured that you are in for a total treat when making this recipe.

They’re very soft and meaty, and yet have a great sense of crispiness in their outer layers. 

This makes them not only easy to bite into, but also helps them to maintain their structural integrity in between eating. 

The fillings of these turkey turnovers are incredibly rich and meaty, which helps to draw out the flavor of the turkey.

3. Leite’s Culinaria

When it comes to turkey turnovers, these are definitely some of the very best that you will come across.

They’re packed to the brim with mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and of course, plenty of turkey.

This recipe is also very adaptable, so if you want to alter it slightly to add certain ingredients, such as leftovers from a turkey dinner, then you easily can. 

The resulting turnovers were crispy and solid, and practically burst whenever we took a bite, that’s how packed they were! 

4. Rock Recipes 

These turkey turnovers don’t just taste good, they also totally look the part too!

Serving these up to friends and family will quickly get their mouths watering, and the second they take a bite, you’ll notice the pure joy that spreads across their faces! Totally delicious! 

5. Fork To Spoon

With this recipe, you can easily make use of the air fryer in your kitchen to create crispy and crumbly turkey turnovers that will easily satiate any appetite.

We were amazed at how simple it was to place these turnovers into the air fryer, and allow them to cook to perfection.

If you find yourself suddenly craving some turkey turnovers, but don’t have the time to make them in a traditional manner, then make sure to turn to this masterful recipe!

6. A Family Feast

Had yourself a successful Thanksgiving dinner? Now found yourself saddled with masses and masses of leftovers?

Not to worry, this recipe will totally make you feel thankful for those very leftovers!

The Thanksgiving celebrations don’t have to end, thanks to this recipe that allows you to make perfect use of everything that is left behind, and helps to totally rejuvenate the leftover ingredients outright!

7. Peter’s Food Adventures

Turkey turnovers have never been this easy to make, and soon you’ll be churning them out like a factory line of meaty and delicious turnovers that are perfect for sharing with those you love. 

The turnovers themselves are quite small but are by no means lacking in character and flavor.

Every bite you take will allow the flavors of the turkey, cheese, and cranberry sauce to unleash upon your tongue, filling it with the flavors you crave!

8. Back To Our Roots

These turkey turnovers certainly look unassuming, but once you get a taste of them yourself, you’ll definitely find yourself blown away.

The deceptively simple exterior of these turnovers hides some truly masterful culinary wonder. 

As you bite into each turnover, you will be met with the taste and texture of tender turkey, onion, celery, and a nice peppery finish. These turnovers make for perfect comfort food snacking!

9. Canadian Living

These are easily the most crumbly turnovers on this list, so you will definitely want to give them a try yourself if your favorite part of the experience is the savory filling.

The way the pastry falls apart in your mouth, and practically melts away, releasing its contents is nothing short of magical.

And the combination of flavors within said filling is not to be forgotten.

Somehow, the geniuses behind this recipe have managed to come up with a way to make turkey taste better than ever before. 

10. Hellmann’s 

With a good helping of mayonnaise, plenty of turkey, shredded cheese, and broccoli, this recipe from Hellmanns will definitely not disappoint. 

One of the best things about this recipe is its simplicity.

There are very few ingredients needed in this recipe, so you could very easily make it with stuff you already have in plentiful supply in your kitchen! 

11. Food.Com

This American twist on the classic turkey turnover is great if you want something with a little bit of unique flair, but that still has plenty of its original identity.

You’ll still find all of your favorite flavors and textures in these turnovers, but you will also find a few extra surprises courtesy of its unique ingredient list.

We could wax lyrical about these simple but effective turkey turnovers for hours and hours at a time, but we’ll allow you to make them for yourself instead to get a better sense of what makes them so great. 

12. Daps Magic

Adapted from a recipe found on Geek Eats, this recipe takes everything a slight step further by introducing a large helping of bechamel sauce, which this recipe also shows you how to make from scratch!

The creamy flavors of the bechamel sauce provide a direct contrast with the more meaty flavors of the inner pastries, to help make the overall flavor experience even better than any other recipe on this list. 

If you want to enjoy turkey turnovers in totally new ways, then you cannot go wrong by checking this recipe out for yourself! 

13. Ann’s Entitled Life

The light scattering of herbs that is spread over the top of these turkey turnovers, and infused throughout its delicious filling is what helps to make this a total shoo-in for this list.

There are few recipes that truly understand the glory of a turkey turnover quite like this one. 

The texture of the turnovers themselves is also one of the highlights of this recipe.

It remains very soft and still slightly doughy, but is also crispy and crumbly, which helps to make every bite you take a total experience.

14. Woman’s Day

Though these turnovers contain a little more than just turkey, we couldn’t possibly ever pass up the opportunity to mention it on this list.

The inclusion of ham and cheese in these turnovers helps to add a slight meatiness to its filling which very quickly proves satisfying.

Serving up a set of these turnovers to a table full of guests will no doubt have many going back for seconds, as they are easily that good. 

15. Air Fryer Turkey Turnovers

Just in case you’ve been scouring this list in search of even more recipes that let you make use of your air fryer, we figured it would be a great idea to close it off with this recipe from Fork To Spoon that helps you to make perfect turkey turnovers in little time, and with minimal effort!

There are also very few ingredients needed to bring this recipe to life, so you can also rest assured that it will not cost you much at all to put them together.

To Conclude

If you love turkey turnovers, then we just know that you are going to be a big fan of some of the recipes we introduced above.

Each one of them brings something new to the table, and proves that with enough innovation, just about any classic food can become something new and exciting!

Mark Williams