What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like? (Fruity Flavoring)

When it comes to picking out energy drinks to give you a boost to get you through the day, you’re spoiled for choice. There are all kinds of brands out there, each with their own unique flavors, and one of the best is Bang Star Blast!

This popular energy drink is known to be refreshing, providing drinkers with a boost of fruity fuel.

What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like (Fruity Flavoring)

However, it’s also got the benefit of having no sugar and no calories, placing it far above many of the sugar-filled energy drink competition. With that being said, though, what does Bang Star Blast actually taste like?

The short answer is that it depends on the flavor of Bang you buy. The drink is available in a range of delicious flavors, Star Blast Blast being one of the main ones.

In general you’ll find that Bang Star Blast and other Bang flavors are tropical and fruity, with a citric taste to them that’s like lemon. On top of that, their aftertaste has hints of herb, and it’s a little acidic too. Overall, the drink is tangy and refreshing.

However, there’s plenty more to learn about the taste Bang Star Blast, and you’ll find all the answers in our handy guide below!

We’ve got information on the taste of key Bang Star Blast flavors, as well as more information about the drink and its contents. Read on!

What Is Bang Star Blast?

Before we get onto its flavor, it’s worth explaining just what Bang Star Blast actually is. Bang Star Blast is part of the Bang line of energy drinks, a popular brand that is known for not only its energy drinks, but also its teas and Keto coffee. 

Star Blast is one of Bang’s most popular flavors, thanks to its refreshing taste. You’ve likely heard of Bang before, because they’re the 3 highest-selling energy drink companies there is, with only the brands of Red Bull and Monster beating them. 

Bang produces a variety of different types of their energy drinks, each with their own subtle flavor differences.

What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like?

One of the most popular varieties that Bang energy drinks produces is Bang Star Blast, which is largely popular thanks to its great, fruity flavor.

When we say fruity, we mean it! Enjoyers of Bang Star Blast have tasted all kinds of fruits when drinking the energy drink, tasting everything from bananas and apples, to pears and peaches, to passion fruit and grape fruit – and more!

It’s this combination of fruity flavors that helps to make the drink so refreshing, and it gives it a definite tropical flavor. 

Bang Star Blast also has a citrus edge to its taste too, with people detecting hints of something almost lemon-y about the drink. This helps to make it not only tropical and fruity, but also tangy. 

On top of that, the drink has an aftertaste that’s earthy and herby, as well as having a hint of acidicness to it too. 

Is Bang Star Blast A Healthy Drink? 

When it comes to energy drinks, they’re renowned for often containing plenty of sugar. As a result, they’re not the healthiest of drinks to have regularly.

When it comes to Bang Star Blast, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s actually sugar-free and calorie-free, like other varieties of Bang energy drink. 

Of course, this doesn’t make Bang Star Blast totally healthy, but it does put it above other sugar-heavy energy drinks. Bang Star Blast should only be drunk in moderation, due to the fact that it has a high caffeine content.

Additionally, ingredients such as vitamin C, carbonated water, calcium chloride, and citric acid should also only be taken in moderation. You shouldn’t drink Bang Star Blast all the time.

What Ingredients Does Bang Star Blast Use?

Bang Star Blast is made up of a variety of ingredients. In order to preserve the freshness of the drink, ingredients such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate are used.

Meanwhile, natural and artificial flavors are also added in order to give the drink its tropical and fruity taste.

On top of that, ingredients such as carbonated water, citric acid, and calcium chloride are also included. Naturally, caffeine is also a key ingredient!

A handful of vitamins are also present: vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

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Does Bang Star Blast Taste Sweet?

If you love your energy drinks to be sweet, then you’ll be pleased to know that Bang Star Blast is certainly sweet in its tropical flavor. 

However, while you might usually expect sweetness to come from the addition of sugar to the drink, Bang Star Blast is actually sugar-free. So where does the sweetness come from?

Well, it comes from the ingredient of sucralose, which is a no-calorie sweetener commonly used to lower your intake of added sugars while still providing sweetness. 

This keeps the drink not only sugar-free, but also calorie-free, two characteristics that many other energy drinks can’t claim to share.

Does Bang Star Blast Contain Real Fruit?

Given how many different fruity flavors you can taste in its tropical refreshment, you might assume that Bag Star Blast includes real fruits in its ingredients. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. 

No real fruits are included in the making of Bang Star Blast. Instead, the flavors come from the inclusion of natural and artificial flavoring agents. On the plus side, some of these might have come from real fruits!

The reason that the drink doesn’t contain real fruits is because its flavor has so many different fruits to it that it would be difficult to get that from the real thing, so artificial flavoring agents are used instead.

Does Bang Star Blast Contain Caffeine?

Like the vast majority of energy drinks, Bank Star Blast does indeed contain caffeine. The same goes for all the other varieties that Bang offers. 

In a typical 16 ounce can of Bang Star Blast, you’ll find that it contains 300 milligrams of caffeine. This amount of caffeine helps to boost your energy, allowing you to get through it with more drive, and it’s a safe amount of caffeine to have in a day.

However, you shouldn’t have much more caffeine than that, with the recommended limit being 400 milligrams a day.

Therefore, you definitely shouldn’t be having more than one Bang Star Blast per day. You should drink it in moderation!

What Does Champagne Bang Taste Like?

Another popular variety of Bang energy drink is Champagne Bang, which tastes as good as it sounds!

In terms of flavor, you can expect something that tastes a little like cream soda, with a hint of bubblegum in there. 

And does it contain actual champagne? Thankfully no! There is no alcohol in Champagne Bang, allowing underage people to enjoy it too.

What Does Blue Razz Bang Taste Like?

Blue Razz Bang is another popular flavor, and this delicious variety tastes like blue raspberry. If you’ve ever had an Icee that’s this flavor, then you’ll know exactly how fruity and fun it is.

Final Thoughts

The popular Bang Star Energy energy drink tastes like a wide variety of fruits, such as bananas and pear, and it also has a lemon-type citric edge.

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