What Is Brisket?

When you think of brisket, you probably think of one thing, but what you might not know is that brisket is actually a specific cut of meat. Usually, brisket is made from cow meat, and there is a lot to know about this cut, not just where it comes from. 

What is Brisket

Brisket is used in many different kinds of dishes, but if you are new to the culinary world or you have started to make more dishes of your own, you probably want to know a bit more about it. Well, if that is the case, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn exactly what brisket is, as well as some other interesting information about this cut of meat that you should know! So let’s get started. 

What Is Brisket? 

Brisket is a type of beef cut that comes from the breast section of a cow. Proper brisket comes from the first five ribs, behind the foreshank. Brisket can be quite a large cut of meat, and this is due to the fact that it comes from an area where there is a lot of muscle. 

In terms of weight, brisket can weigh anything between 3 and 8 pounds and it is quite a tough kind of meat. When sold, brisket is usually divided into two halves and they are then sold separately as two different pieces of meat. 

What Does Brisket Taste Like? 

If you enjoy “beefy” meat, then it doesn’t get much better than brisket! It has a very strong beefiness to it and how you prepare it is going to contribute greatly to the final taste. Some of the most popular ways to prepare and cook brisket include brining and smoking. 

How To Cook Brisket

There is no correct way to cook brisket and it is actually quite versatile, so you can cook it in a lot of different ways. The best way to cook brisket however is at low temperatures for a longer period of time. 

This is because it brings out more of the flavor, and brisket is an incredibly flavorful cut of meat. You can also smoke and brine it if you want to and it will still taste just as good, but slightly different. 

Regardless of which way you choose to cook it though, brisket needs a long time to cook. Brisket is quite a tough cut of meat, so the longer you cook it, the more soft and tender it will be. It’s not uncommon for brisket to be cooked for 8 to 12 hours. 

If you are confident in cooking meat, then you can experiment to find a desired temperature and duration for cooking it. Just remember that lower temperatures and longer cooking times will give you a better result. 

Cuts of Brisket

As previously mentioned, brisket is a large cut of meat and before it gets to the shelves of a grocery store, it is usually divided into two pieces and sold as separate cuts of meat. If you want to know more about these two different cuts, let’s take a brief look at them now. 

First Cut/Flat Cut

The first cut of brisket is often called the Flat Cut. It is much larger than the second cut and has a much more uniform shape. The Flat Cut has a thin layer of fat on one side and it is especially ideal for cooking in the oven or even braising. 

This cut of meat also cuts and slices up a lot easier than the second cut, which makes it ideal for corned beef or other related things. 

Second Cut/Deckle Point

The second cut of brisket is often called the Deckle Point. It is much less uniform in shape and it is a lot smaller than the Flat Cut. 

The Deckle Point has a high level of fat in it, which makes it ideal for smoking. It doesn’t dry out as fast as the Flat Cut. 

How To Store Brisket

What is Brisket

The way that you store brisket and its longevity really depends on what condition it is in. 

If your brisket is raw, you can store it in the fridge for up to five to eight days. You have to make sure that it is in its packaging for it to last longer. You can also wrap it air-tight and freeze it for six to 12 months. 

Because brisket takes so long to prepare, you will often have to cook it ahead of time so it can be served with the rest of the meal. In this instance, when it is wrapped up well, already-cooked brisket can last in the fridge for up to four days.

In the freezer, freshly cooked brisket can last for up to two months. 

Is Brisket A Good Cut Of Meat? 

Brisket is often regarded as one of the best cuts of meat. It is especially popular in the barbeque and grilling communities because it is one of the best meats for smoking and grilling. 

Its combined flavor and tenderness often go unmatched by other cuts of meat, and this is why it is so popular and considered to be one of the best cuts of meat you can get. 

Is Corned Beef The Same Thing As Brisket? 

Corned Beef is traditionally made from the Flat Cut (or first cut) of brisket. So it is technically brisket, but most people would categorize them as two different styles of meat. 

Most Corned Beef is made from the Flat Cut of brisket though, and barbecued brisket is actually made from both the first and second cut of brisket. 


Brisket is an incredibly popular cut of meat that can be cooked in a lot of different ways. It is incredibly versatile and full of flavor, and meat lovers everywhere appreciate this cut for how delicious it is. 

If you are cooking brisket for yourself remember- cooking it at lower temperatures and for longer periods of time will ensure that the meat becomes tender and more flavorful. 

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