What Is Gin Made From?

One type of alcoholic drink that has really catapulted in popularity in recent years is gin. Gin has existed for many years, and it has gone through various peaks and troughs of popularity.

But it is safe to say that at the moment, gin is very much the in thing

What Is Gin Made From?

The main reason why gin has made a comeback over the last few years is due to the release of a number of different flavored gin.

It all started with pink gin, and since then a variety of additional delicious flavored gins have only increased this popularity. 

You might have tried gin before, it might even be your alcoholic drink of choice. But there is a very good chance that you don’t know what gin is made from. In this guide, we’re taking a look at exactly that. 

So, if you want to find out more about what gin is made from, keep on reading!

What Is Used To Make Gin?

First things first, let’s take a look at what is used to make gin. As you know, gin is a popular type of alcohol that is typically enjoyed with tonic.

Gin comes in a variety of different flavors, but ultimately the base ingredients for gin are the same. So, what is used to make gin? 

Like a number of different alcoholic drinks, gin is made by distilling alcohol that is made using a neutral grain. During the distillation process, juniper berries are used to give the gin its natural flavor.

Often other botanicals will be used alongside juniper berries to fine-tune the flavor and create that delicious taste that we all know and love about gin. 

Gin is a very fragrant alcohol, and the strong smell of this spirit comes from the botanicals that are used in the distillation process.

The botanicals are infused into the raw spirit, and that is why all gins will have that strong fragrant flavor, even if the gin itself is flavored with a different taste. 

In order to switch up the flavor of the gin to create different flavors of gin, the flavorings are added after the initial distillation process.

Pink gin will typically be infused with either raspberry or strawberry gin, lemon gin will be infused with lemon juice, blackberry gin will be infused with the flavor of blackberries, and so on. 

What Is The Base Alcohol In Gin?

Some types of alcoholic drinks start their journey as the alcohol they will end up being. However, in the case of gin, gin does not start off as gin.

Instead, it starts off as a neutral, base alcohol that is then distilled with juniper berries to transform it into gin. So, what is this base alcohol?

Well, as we have said, gin is typically made using “neutral” alcohol. There are a couple of different types of neutral base alcohols, but in the case of gin, the alcohol typically used for this is ethanol.

Pure ethanol is incredibly strong but through the distillation process, the intense taste of alcohol is dialed back. As the juniper berries are distilled with alcohol, the flavor transforms entirely. 

So, essentially what we are saying is that gin begins as a basic alcohol. This base alcohol is then distilled with juniper berries to transform it from a base alcohol into the gin that we know and love.

If the gin in question is a flavored gin, then additional ingredients will be added with the juniper berries to create a delicious flavor. 

Different Flavors Of Gin

As we mentioned earlier, there are lots of different flavors of gin out there, and it is these flavored gins that are really responsible for the resurgence in popularity of gin in recent years.

Below we’ve included some of the main flavors of gin to give you an idea of the different options that exist. 

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Classic Gin

Classic gin will have a subtle flavor that is highly fragrant. This flavor and smell come from the juniper berries and other botanicals that are used in the distillation process for this classic gin.

In our opinion, classic gin tastes best when paired with tonic water

Berry Flavored Gin

One of the most popular new types of flavored gin is berry-flavored gin. There are tons of different berry flavors of gin including strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and black cherry.

In our opinion, berry-flavored gins taste best when paired with lemonade. 

Citrus Flavored Gin

Another outstanding flavored gin that you might have heard of is citrus-flavored gin. There are lots of different types of citrus-flavored gins out there, and they are perfect for anyone who likes their alcohol to have a tang.

With flavors including lemon, blood orange, pineapple, and lime there are lots of flavors to choose from. Again, we think that citrus gins taste best when paired with lemonades.

Other Flavored Gins

But fruit-flavored gins aren’t the only types of flavored gin out there. There are lots of other flavored gins out there including rhubarb, Parma violet, marshmallow-flavored gin, and lots more.

The options when it comes to flavored gin are endless, and in our opinion, they taste best when paired with lemonade. 


In short, gin is made by distilling base alcohol (usually ethanol) with juniper berries and other botanicals. The flavor of the juniper berries is infused into the gin, totally transforming the flavor of this spirit. 

Flavored gins have become particularly popular in recent years, and these gins are created by infusing additional flavors during the distillation process. But all gins will have that base juniper berry flavor. 

We hope this information has been helpful – thank you for reading! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Gin The Healthiest Alcohol?

Generally, gin has less sugar and calories than some other types of alcohol. That is why a lot of people refer to gin as a “healthy alcohol”.

However, it is important to note that it is only really healthy in comparison to other alcohol, so there are health risks associated with consuming it. 

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