About Us

Have you ever made something so delicious that you wished you could savor it forever?

Only to find that the recipe has now mysteriously vanished from your phone and the entirety of the internet. Yep, there’s not much more painful than that. 

Hi, my name is Mark Williams and I have been infatuated with cooking since I was young. I would beg my mother to pull a chair up to the counter so I could watch what she was doing.

She would let me help her cook everything, and tell anyone that asked that it was me who made the whole thing. 

I took my passion for cooking through college and into my adult life. I cook and bake whenever I can – most nights and all weekends.

I have books and books of recipes that I have scribbled down while experimenting, and now I want to immortalize my knowledge.


That is what this website is! A look inside my brain at all things baking, cooking, and recipes. I’ll tell you my favorite products, recipes, ways of doing things, and more. 

If you’re looking to get into cooking, I would love to be a source of inspiration for you.

Please take a look around my website and fall in love with the world of cooking, just like I did all those years ago.