How Much Milk For Jello Pudding Pie?

If you’re hoping to make one of the best desserts you possibly can, then you may decide to choose jello pudding pie. It’s a fantastic choice and tastes amazing.

How Much Milk For Jello Pudding Pie

But when you’re going to make your pudding masterpiece, you may be wondering how much milk you will need to use. 

Generally, a small packet of pudding will require two cups of milk, but a larger pack will need three cups of milk.

As you can probably guess though, there’s a lot more to know than just this.

Our guide explains everything you need to know about making the best jello pudding pie, along with some fantastic, handy tips. Read on to learn more. 

How Much Milk Do I Use?

Milk for a jello pudding pie is very important, but it might be a little confusing to understand how much milk to use with the pudding mixture. 

As we mentioned, if you are going to use a small packet of pudding (generally chocolate pudding), then you will need to use two cups of milk.

Whereas, larger packets will require at least three cups of milk.

It really comes down to the amount of pudding you will be making and to an extent, your own tastes.

How Do I Make Jello Pudding Pie?

Of course, if you’re asking how much milk you will need for a jello pudding pie, then naturally you are probably planning to make a jello pudding pie! 

Below, we’re going to show you how you can make an amazing jello pudding pie step by step. 

Pie Crust 

In order to make the pudding pie, you will need to start by creating the pie crust. For this step, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Flour 
  • Iced water 
  • Salt
  • Sugar 
  • Unsalted butter 

Start by thoroughly mixing the salt, sugar and flour by using a food processor.

You can do this by hand if you need to, but it’s highly recommended that you use a food processor or blender so you can get the finest results. 

From there, you will take the now created mixture and pour it into a mixing bowl.

Continue to mix this mixture by hand and then add butter and flour

Continue to mix this until you notice the mixture begins to clump together.

Next, you will add the iced water and then use a spatula to keep mixing it all together. This stage may take a little longer than the previous steps.

Now, using your hands – you will create a ball by using the dough and then pack it down until you create a plate or disk shape.

Wrap this shape by using plastic wrap and then place it into the refrigerator for at least an hour.

This will help all the ingredients to bind together and become more solid for later use.

When this is finally finished, you will then roll this out into a circular shape for the crust. 

How Much Milk For Jello Pudding Pie

Jello Pudding Filling 

For the filling of your jello pudding pie, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Whipped cream
  • Whole milk 
  • Pie crust 
  • Jello pudding mix (chocolate) 

You start by adding the desired amount of milk into a bowl along with some jello pudding mix.

For the next two to three minutes, you will whip this up to ensure you are making a good thick mixture. 

Once this jello pudding mixture is entirely mixed together, you need to place it into the refrigerator for around half an hour or so until the pudding mixture settles. 

After this is done, put the mixture inside the pie crust shell and then top it with beautiful whipped cream.

If you want to really add an extra layer of tastiness to the pudding mixture, you can sprinkle the whipped cream with chocolate shavings!

Assembling Your Jello Pudding Pie 

Okay, so at this stage you have your pie crust shell and you have your jello pudding pie mixture – but we’re not yet finished.

Here’s how you now put everything together and finally be able to enjoy a jello pudding pie.

Set up your pie crust so it is flat on the surface and then pour in your jello pudding pie mixture.

Now, you’re going to want to smooth down the pudding mixture inside the pie crust shell.

Once this is all smoothed out and looks great, you will want to get some plastic wrap and cover the pie so you can then place it into the refrigerator.

After the pie has been in the refrigerator for about an hour or so, you can then add any desired toppings you choose.

Depending on your jello pudding mix, you may decide to match the toppings with it – for example, chocolate jello mix with chocolate chips.

Storing Your Jello Pudding Pie 

Regardless if you are using store bought jello pudding pie or you have made jello pudding pie, you will need to store the dessert correctly to ensure you are not spoiling it. 

You can store this in the refrigerator for up to a week if you have used plastic wrap or other container.

If however, you wish to store the pudding pie for longer – you can freeze it for up to three months. 

Will More Milk Make The Mixture Thicker?

Not necessarily. However, if you find that your mixture is still very weak and more of a liquid consistency – then it is a good idea to actually substitute milk entirely for double cream instead. 

This should help to thicken up the entire mixture, rather than adding more milk which might give you worse results.

The Bottom Line 

For jello pudding pie, you will need to use between two and four cups of milk – but it will depend on the batch size you are making and your own personal preference.

Mark Williams