Best Gifts For Pizza Makers

If you know someone who loves to make pizza and you want to get them the perfect gift then you have come to the right place. This is a guide to the best gifts to buy for pizza lovers. Keep reading to find out more.

Best Gifts For Pizza Makers

Every pizza maker needs a nice pizza board, and this one can be personalized! It would make an ideal gift for a wedding, birthday or anniversary, as you can add a special message.

You could even buy it as a moving home gift. You can also customize the board with a logo which is great for businesses and commercial pizza makers. It is excellent quality and measures 12 inches by 14 inches with an 8 inch handle.

There are lots of different types of pizza cutters that you can use. This one is a rocker style blade which allows you to cut pizza quickly and evenly.

The blade is non-stick so the toppings won’t come off as you use it, and it is very easy to wipe clean in between uses. It comes with a blade cover so that you can stay safe and avoid injuries. 

This is a fun and light-hearted gift for anyone who enjoys making pizza. The apron will keep your clothes clean and features a cartoon design of a pizza chef. It is colorful but also practical and has 2 large pockets on the front for keeping tools handy.

The apron is machine washable and is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about spilling things on yourself while you cook. It is made from durable polyester which is very long-lasting. 

This super handy set is great value and comes with lots of things you need to make pizza. It includes an aluminum pizza peel, a classic non-stick pizza pan, a non-stick pizza pan with holes, a pizza rocker cutter, a pie server, a baking brush and a cotton oven mitt.

The peel is foldable for easy storage and the pizza pans are made from durable carbon steel. These top quality products are perfect for pizza making and will last a long time.

There are lots of different cooking methods for pizza. One of those methods is to use a pizza stone. You preheat the pizza stone in the oven.

When you put the pizza on the stone it cooks quickly and evenly, and the bottom develops a lovely crisp texture. This shock resistant pizza stone is extra large for big pizzas.

It comes with a bamboo pizza peel for transfering the pizza on and off the stone safely, and a rocker cutter for serving the pizza. 

Whether you are preheating a pizza stone or a pizza oven, you need to make sure that the surface temperature is correct before you start cooking the pizza. This is especially important for neapolitan style pizzas.

The safest and most accurate way to check the temperature of a surface is with an infrared thermometer. This is a very helpful tool for any pizza maker and would make an ideal gift. 

This gift set is extremely useful for anyone who makes pizza. The cutting board has grooves in it to ensure that you get even slices of pizza every time. The rocker style pizza cutter will quickly and cleanly slice the pizza, resting on the grooves.

This prevents the board from developing scratches over time, keeping it in great condition. The wooden board looks very stylish and is an appealing way to present your pizza for serving. 

What happens if you cook too much pizza and you have some leftovers? Triangle pizza slices don’t fit very well in square or round storage tubs. This collapsible silicone storage tub is triangle shaped which makes it perfect for pizza.

You can expand it or collapse it based on how much pizza you are storing, so it doesn’t take up excess room in your refrigerator. It also comes with reusable microwave trays to reheat individual slices of pizza (see more about microwaving pizza here).

This countertop pizza maker is a convenient way to cook pizza at home without heating up a whole oven. It can cook a 12 inch pizza quickly and evenly, as the heat is trapped inside the oven and circulates all the way around the pizza.

The base will be nice and crisp. The inside of the pizza oven is non-stick which means that the pizza will come out easily, and will not leave stuck-on bits of food that are hard to remove later on. 

Pizza making enthusiasts will usually make their own dough from scratch. They will need certain tools to help them, which is where this set comes in handy.

It includes a danish dough whisk, a bread lame with 5 blades, and a bench scraper/dough cutter. The Danish dough whisk is an excellent tool as it can handle thick, heavy mixtures or light and delicate mixtures equally well. 

Every pizza maker needs a high quality pizza paddle. They are really useful for transferring pizzas on and off counters and in and out of the oven without burning yourself or tearing the delicate pizza dough.

This one has a foldable handle which is ideal for storage. It also comes with a rocker cutter which is great for cutting and serving the pizza once it is cooked.

The paddle itself is made from aluminum to keep it lightweight and stainless steel to make it durable. The wooden handle is very comfortable to hold. 

If you prefer a pizza wheel to a rocker style pizza cutter, this is a great option. It has an ergonomic handle which is really comfortable to use, reducing the chance of you slipping and injuring yourself.

There is a retractable blade cover so you can stay safe when the cutter is not in use, and you won’t lose the cover. The cutter is dishwasher safe which makes it very easy to keep clean. It is nice and sharp and cuts through the pizza easily. 

A non-slip silicone mat is a must-have for anyone who makes their own pizza dough. It makes a great surface for kneading and working the dough, but is also ideal for rolling out or stretching the dough.

This mat includes a measurement guide which is really useful if you want to make sure that your pizzas are consistent in size. It also helps you to roll out the pizza dough to the correct size to fit into your pizza oven.

Depending on what type of pizza you are making, you may want to dock the pizza dough. This releases air from the dough and keeps the base nice and thin. It will make your pizzas more uniform and also helps to keep the base nice and crispy.

This pizza dough docker is a great gift for a pizza maker as it takes only seconds to dock the dough before you start adding toppings. 

If you know someone who has a wood fired pizza oven then this is the perfect gift for them. It includes a rectangular pizza peel for launching the pizza into the oven and taking it out.

It also includes a circle pizza turning paddle which is used to turn the pizza in the oven to get a nice even finish. You can also use it to hold certain parts of the pizza up to flame to char the edges.

The kit also includes an ash rake and a brush for cleaning out the oven after use.

Cheese is one of the most common pizza toppings. If someone is determined to make their pizza from scratch, this could include making their own cheese. This cheese kit is ideal for making mozzarella, goats cheese, burrata or ricotta.

It also comes with a recipe book as a guide. If you know a pizza maker who is passionate about cheese then this would be the perfect gift. 

This pizza pan set is very useful for someone who makes a lot of pizzas. It comes with three trays, each made from high carbon steel.

The pans have holes to help the air circulate for a nice, crispy crust. The set also comes with a stand which can hold all three pans. This means that you can prepare three pizzas at a time which speeds up the production time.

You can choose from 11 inch pans or 13 inch pans and they are oven safe up to 450 degrees celsius. 

This simple tool is vital for any pizza maker that works with fresh dough or makes their own dough. You can use it to scrape dough and flour off your work surface, You can also use it to cut the dough before proving.

It has measurements on the blade so you can make sure that you are cutting the dough into evenly sized pieces. The dough cutter is made out of durable stainless steel.

Bread machines can be used to make all sorts of types of dough, including pizza dough. This bread machine is reasonably priced and would make an excellent gift for a pizza maker.

It is non-stick which makes it easy to take the dough out once it is made, and it has a 2 pound loaf capacity. You can also use it to bake bread, so it has multiple uses. 

You might have seen some traditional pizzerias use scissors to cut their pizza. This is because it prevents the toppings from sliding off the pizza and it is more precise than using a knife.

These scissors are made specifically for cutting pizza, and will leave you with smooth even slices and all of your toppings still in place. They are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and are made from durable stainless steel. 

Part of the process of making your own pizza dough is to let it prove. It is important that the dough is covered so it doesn’t dry out, and is out of the way so it won't get disturbed.

This set of proofing boxes is really helpful for anyone who makes their own dough. It comes with two trays and two lids, which are stackable for easy storage. The dough won’t stick to the inside so once it is ready you can lift it out easily. 

If you know someone who has their own pizza oven then this pizza oven is a must-have tool for them. It will make it much easier for them to keep their pizza oven clean.

It comes with a long handle for hard to reach areas and a swivel head so they can do a thorough job. The handle is adjustable so it can be used for any size pizza oven. 

This luxury pizza cutter is very comfortable to hold and comes with a blade guard for safety. It is rust resistant and non-stick and makes a fantastic gift for any pizza maker.

Dough proving baskets are traditionally used for sourdough, so this gift is perfect for anyone who makes their own sourdough pizza.

However, the basket can also be used for different kinds of dough so it is useful for anyone who makes their own pizza from scratch.

It also comes with a bread lame for scoring with 4 blades, a dough whisk, a plastic brush, a metal scraper and a plastic scraper.

This electric dough maker is the ideal for any pizza maker as it makes it so much easier to create dough from scratch. You can pre-set timings and it even has a fermentation function.

You can stimulate manually made dough with different mixing patterns, giving you the perfect chewy texture without having to put in all of the hard work. 

These pizza spinners are simple but useful tools which allow you to safely turn the pizza while it is in the oven. This ensures that the pizza cooks more evenly. They are designed to be used with pizza pans or trays.

If you have a bit more money to spend and you want to buy an extra special gift, you should consider this countertop pizza oven. It is a commercial standard electric pizza oven that has upper and lower heating tubes for an even finish.

It is very efficient, so the pizzas will be cooked quickly without using up too much energy. There is a removable crumb tray which makes it easy to keep the pizza oven clean.

Preparing the toppings to go on your pizza can take a long time. This vegetable chopper will make it quicker and easier. It is ideal for pizza parties when there are lots of different toppings to prepare.

It will make light work of chopping onions, bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and more. You can choose how big or small you want the pieces to be. It can also spiralize vegetables or cut potatoes into chips! 

Once the toppings have been prepared, you need to store them. This pizza topping dispenser is ideal. All of the toppings are kept in separate compartments and are covered.

The dispenser can be kept in the refrigerator until you are ready to make the pizzas, and you can also use it to store leftover toppings.

The individual compartments are removable and there is space for ice storage underneath so you can keep the toppings cool even outdoors during the summer. 

This is a fun and comical gift to give to anyone who enjoys making pizza or cooking for friends and family. It is adjustable so it will fit anyone and it adds a goofy element to your pizza part.

This set of stackable silicone proving tubs is perfect for anyone who makes their own pizza dough. There are two of each size - 300l and 700l - and they are totally airtight.

They are BPA free and can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer. They have multiple purposes - use them for proving, storage or heating up food! 

These pizza boxes are perfect for a pizza party. Each guest can have their own pizza in an individual box. It is also an ideal gift for anyone who does pizza catering or wants to create a pizza picnic.

You can cook the pizzas at home, put them in boxes, then drive to a different location to eat them with a nice view!

This is a practical gift that will be much appreciated by anyone who has a wood fired pizza oven.

The size of the wooden sticks are ideal for feeding into a pizza oven, and it means that they don’t have to waste time preparing and chopping wood. You can never have too much fuel for your fire! 

This might seem like a boring gift, but anyone who makes their own pizzas would find a kitchen scale very useful. Making dough requires accurate measurements, so it is best to use a digital scale.

This one is battery operated with an LCD display that is very easy to read. The precision button allows you to leave your bowl on the scale and put it back to zero, so you can continue weighing ingredients.

If you are looking for a way to save energy while you cook pizzas, this rotating pizza oven is perfect. It has a bottom heating element to ensure that the base of the pizza is nice and crisp.

The pizza rotates, passing underneath the top heating element to evenly cook the top of the pizza. It is quick and energy efficient and has a timer function so you won’t burn the pizza. The pizza pan is removable for easy cleaning. 

An insulated pizza bag isn’t just useful for pizza delivery. It is a great way to keep multiple pizzas warm if you are cooking for a large group of people. It is also ideal if you want to cook a few pizzas and then eat them in a different location.

You might have a friend who has all of their pizza making equipment at their house, but they want to cook some pizzas and bring them to a party somewhere else.

All they need to do is box them up and put them in the bag to keep warm! The bag is moisture free to prevent the pizzas from going soggy.

This 14 inch cast iron skillet is perfect for getting a beautifully crispy base and crust every single time. It is round and oven safe with convenient handles.

The durable cast iron will last a long time (make sure you carefully read the care instructions for how to maintain cast iron). You can also use this skillet on the stove top or even on a campfire.

It’s not just for pizzas, you can cook all sorts of foods on it such as meat, eggs, vegetables and more.

Most pizza makers will hand stretch their dough. However, some of them like to use a rolling pin. A stainless steel rolling pin is better than a wooden rolling pin as it is easier to clean.

It also stays nice and cold which makes the dough easier to work with. Stainless steel has a non-stick surface, so the dough won’t cling to the rolling pin like it would with a wooden one.

This rolling pin has a nice weight of 8 ounces which is light enough to use but heavy enough to roll out the dough easily. 

This stainless steel board can be placed on top of a kitchen counter or table to create a perfect preparation space. The non-stick surface is ideal for rolling out dough or for adding the toppings to your pizza.

It measures 23.6 inches by 19.6 inches in size and has a lip so it can sit on the edge of the table or counter and offer full protection. This is a great way to protect your kitchen and create the perfect space for making pizza. 

Kneading dough can be a messy process. This is why it is a good idea to get a wooden kneading board. This will help to keep the rest of your kitchen clean and gives you a solid surface where you can knead and work your dough.

This reversible kneading board includes measurements to make it easy for you to roll your dough out to the perfect size. It is hand washed only so make sure you don’t submerge it in water. You can also use it for pastry as well as pizza and bread dough. 

A lot of pizza makers will use a stand mixer to make their dough rather than do it all by hand. This mixer is perfect for pizza dough as it includes a dough hook and even has a ferment function. It has a 6 Qt capacity which is good for large batches of dough.

If you really want to treat a pizza maker, you will buy them this multi-fuel outdoor pizza oven. It is ideal for summertime cooking and pizza parties in the garden.

It is from a highly respected brand in the pizza community and comes highly recommended by pizza chefs. Once the oven is preheated it can cook a pizza in just 60 seconds! 

Using pizza ovens can be dangerous, especially if they are fuelled with gas or fire. The pizza oven needs to reach very high temperatures in order to cook the pizza properly, which leaves you at risk of burning yourself.

Using a pair of heat resistant gloves will keep you safe and makes  a great gift for any pizza maker. These gloves can handle heat up to 932 degrees fahrenheit and are not too thick, so you still have full range of movement in your hands. 

This three shelf table is perfect for a pizza maker who has a pizza oven. The pizza oven sits on the top shelf. There is a pull out drawer shelf underneath for storing tools.

The bottom shelf has good height clearance and can be used to stack proving trays etc. It is made from heavy duty steel and can even hold a 20 pound propane tank. You can roll the cart wherever you need it to go. 

If you know a pizza maker who already has all of the equipment they need, why not treat them to this decorative sign for their kitchen? It is made of tin which is durable and adds a pop of color to any space.

This rotary cheese grater makes light work of preparing the cheese to go on top of your pizza. There are 3 interchangeable blades so you can decide how finely you want the cheese to be grated.

You can also use it on nuts, fruit and vegetables. The rotary design grates cheese 12 times faster than a standard cheese grater. 

This handheld cheese grater has a simple design. It is perfect for topping your pizza with a light sprinkle of aged cheese like parmesan, or you can use it for adding a garnish.

It has a stainless steel blade which is durable and practical. It comes with a cover so you can prevent injury when the grater is not in use.

Pizza makers and any chefs who enjoy making Mediterranean food would love to receive this garlic roaster as a gift. It is made out of terracotta which is oven proof and can also be used in the microwave.

The inside of the roaster is glazed which makes it easy to wipe clean after use. There is a small hole in the lid for steam to escape. You can use the roaster for garlic and onions, and you can even store your garlic in it in between uses. 

This roller can be used for pizza dough or pastry. It has a handle and is a really quick and easy way to roll out your pizza dough to the desired shape and size.

Enthusiastic pizza makers will want to have a go at infusing their own oil to top their pizzas. This herb infuser makes it easy, and they can experiment with various flavors of oils.


If you have a friend or family member who loves making pizza, they would be happy to receive any one of these items as a gift.

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