How Long Does Key Lime Pie Last?

Key lime pie has to be something that you consider when you’re thinking about having a sweet treat, right? It has a very unique taste, aroma and look to it, and certainly can make or break a multiple course meal.

But what if you have leftovers? How long will key lime pie actually last? Well, this can be anywhere between three days to three months depending on how you store it. 

How Long Does Key Lime Pie Last

Of course, this will raise several questions. So, let’s explore some of these major points and answer the most common questions about storing key lime pie. 

Key Lime Pie When Left Out 

If you’ve left key lime pie out all night and you have not refrigerated it, then the life length of the key lime pie will depend on factors like the room temperature and the conditions of the room it is in. 

Let’s assume though that you’ve got a balanced room temperature and a very clean kitchen. The key lime pie will be fine for around three days – but it is not recommended. 

As mentioned too, if you have a particularly warm climate, then the key lime pie may go bad within a few hours. If you have open windows with access for pests, you should not chance it. 

You should dispose of the key lime pie as soon as possible. The best option you have is to cover the key lime pie using plastic wrap tightly around the dessert and place it correctly in the refrigerator or freezer. 

Key Lime Pie In The Refrigerator

One of the better options for storing and extending the life of your key lime pie is to place it in your refrigerator.

If you correctly wrap your key lime pie using plastic wrap and then place it away from other foods in your refrigerator, then your key lime pie can last between one and two weeks. 

The best place in the refrigerator to store your key lime pie is either in the vegetable drawer or at the highest point. Either way, it has to be kept away from other foods to avoid cross contamination.

Key Lime Pie In The Freezer 

The best way to store key lime pie in the freezer is to place your leftovers into an airtight container. Once you have found one suitable, it’s a good idea to use a marker pen to label what is contained inside the container. 

Place the key lime pie in the freezer and it should last for about three months. It likely will last longer than this, but this is the optimum time to store your key lime pie. 

It’s important to note here that you should only freeze your key lime pie when the pie is cold. Do not place key lime pie in the freezer if it is still hot. 

It likely will not take long for the pie to cool down enough to do this, but ensure you are checking before putting it into the freezer. 

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How To Tell If Key Lime Pie Has Gone Bad 

Of course, even if you have stored and placed the key lime pie away in the correct ways, sometimes your key lime pie will have gone bad. 

As with many other foods, the first way to check if the pie has gone bad is to look for any inconsistencies or differences. You may notice a black or “furry” looking patch in some areas of the pie. 

Additionally, you may notice a strange clear liquid coming out of the bottom of the pie. If you see either of these signs, the chances are that the key lime pie has gone bad. 

Next, especially after heating a key lime pie, you may smell something off about it. It may smell sour like expired milk. If this is the case, ensure you dispose of the pie as soon as you can. 

Finally, you may eat key lime pie that has gone off. You will know this from its strange taste and consistency. If this happens, ensure you keep some of the expired key lime pie and call for medical advice as soon as possible. 

If you have eaten key lime pie that has gone bad, you may exhibit symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and fatigue. Generally, these symptoms will last for about 24 hours and this is caused by food poisoning. 

Reheating Key Lime Pie  

It’s perfectly okay to reheat key lime pie, but you can only do this if you have stored your pie correctly to begin with. 

You can reheat key lime pie at a temperature of 330 degrees Fahrenheit and this can be done in the microwave or oven. Once again though, you need to watch out for any signs that the key lime pie has gone bad.

It’s easier to tell in terms of aroma when you are reheating the pie. Just be sure you’re being careful and completing your due diligence. 

How Long Do Fresh Limes Last?

It’s very common for key lime pies to use fresh limes, so you may be wondering how long fresh limes actually last.

If they’re left at room temperature, limes when they have not been chopped can last about a week. However, if they have been untouched and placed into a refrigerator, then they can last up to about four weeks. 

As with all of your ingredients, you need to ensure that the limes have not gone bad when you’re going to consume the pie, and be sure to use your limes as quickly as you possibly can. 

The Bottom Line 

Key lime pie is one of our favorites and it’s possible to keep key lime pie for up to three months with the right storage and care provided. Just be sure you’re being careful and never gamble on expired food!
Mark Williams