15 Amazing WeWalka Puff Pastry Recipes To Make At Home

If you have ever tried to make a puff pastry dish before, you know that it can be a trying ordeal.

Just making the pastry is a slog, and many people simply give up that idea pretty quickly, since the grocery store always has a fresh stock of pastry ready to use.

Of the brands of fresh pastry at the store, one of the largest is that of WeWalka.

WeWalka is the largest family owned producer of fresh dough for people to use at home, and it is truly a godsend for the home cook.

However, it can feel a little strange to use it. Some people wonder if there are any restrictions or quirks to the dough, before they buy.

Well, today we are going to put those fears to rest, as we are going to go through 15 amazing WeWalka puff pastry dishes you can make at home.

1. Pork Tenderloin Cordon Bleu

This is one of the most well known and loved of classic French dishes. In this version, there is a slight spin on it as WeWalka puff pastry is used.

Normally, you would wrap your chosen meat in cheese, then bread the entire thing before frying. However, here the pork is wrapped in cheese before being wrapped in puff pastry.

Once it has finished cooking in the oven, you will find an absolutely gorgeous meal that will ooze delicious cheese once it has been cut into.

2. Vanilla Cream Puff Pastry

Vanilla cream puffs are an absolutely beloved treat by anyone who comes into contact with them. However, due to relying on the pastry to puff up, they can be a little fiddly.

Not with WeWalka though, as you can fill those bad boys up with your chosen cream and fruits once they come out of the oven.

They will taste exactly as you want them to as well, which will excite whomever you serve them to and will make things a lot easier for you in the kitchen.

3. Puff Pastry Sundae Boats

If you have ever wanted to make a sundae with a twist, then these puff pastry sundae boats are just what you need.

This is a dessert that can be served to almost any guest, family member, or loved, with them guaranteed to love the taste.

All you need is some ice cream, some toppings, and of course the WeWalka pastry dough, and you are ready to go.

This is one of those dishes that can be an indulgent mess for party guests or a guilty pleasure of your own.

4. Wine Tinted Apple Rose Tarts

This is a beautiful and impressive dessert to make no matter the occasion, it is certain to wow those who see it, especially with what appears to be difficult decoration.

The secret is that despite looks, it is surprisingly simple to make, and you can get these apple rose tarts done in less than an hour.

If you truly want to make it something special, then add some ground almonds and a dash of sugar to the top of each tart.

5. Baked Pears in Puff Pastry

Baked pears are a classic and the soft, sweet cooked fruits will go seriously well with some flaky, buttery pastry underneath to absorb the juices that flow from them.

The juxtaposition between these two ingredients makes them amazing and really shows how two very different foods can be brought together into something greater than the sum of their parts.

If you want to add some extra flavor to this dish, then smothering the pears in a honey glaze will really bring it all together and add a sticky element not there before.

6. Pecan Bites

Pecans are one of the nuts that lend themselves the best to sweetness.

They are known for going in incredibly sweet pecan pie and pralines, but you can also make an extraordinary little puff pastry bite with them and WeWalka pastry.

Just shape the pastry and sprinkle some candied or normal pecans on top, before tucking in. They are so easy and simple to make that you will find yourself using them as an after work snack constantly.

If you really want to enhance the flavor, add a dollop of sweetened, whipped cream on top and enjoy the sensual goodness.

7. Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is one of those dishes that automatically screams fancy and urbane. It is the kind of thing that we imagine the elites to eat and enjoy.

However, it can be easily made at home and while it is fairly complicated, you can make it easier for yourself by WeWalka puff pastry instead of making the pastry from scratch.

This is one of those dishes where you will always want seconds, and it may well be that once you have made it, it won’t last beyond the first night.

8. Cherry Pockets

If you are looking for a sweet treat that you can have at home or take anywhere, then this is the one for you.

Cherries are impossibly sweet and delicious little fruits, so they make the perfect fruit to go into a pastry pocket.

All you have to do is fill the pastry with a cherry slurry or raw cherries, close it up, and cook them.

Before long, you’ll have piping hot pockets of joy that will make everything taste absolutely wonderful.

9. Apple Strudel

Who doesn’t love a traditionally beautiful dish? Apple Strudel is one of the most traditional Austrian foods you can have, and it has made its way round the world.

It is flaky, sweet, buttery, and oozing with flavor. It is not a difficult recipe to make, but you can make it much easier by using the pre-made WeWalka dough for the outside roll.

With that out of the way, it will take no time at all to make the strudel itself, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor as you tuck into the dish, maybe with a blob of ice cream on the side.

10. Fall Harvest Apple Sheet Cake

If you don’t fancy making an Apple Strudel, you could always make a fall harvest apple cake. This is an open-top pastry dish where the apples are sliced and placed on top, before being seasoned and put in the oven.

Once it is done, you can drizzle it with icing sugar and make yourself something truly scrumptious.

It may not be the fanciest recipe on this menu, but it is incredibly easy and simple to make, while also being sure to delight whomever you have over to eat it with you.

11. Quiché Lorraine

Quiché Lorraine is a dish that is probably the most popular type of Quiché on earth and, as with every Quiché, it requires a two bake process to make.

However, by using WeWalka puff pastry dough, you can make it so much quicker.

Even though you could technically use a Quiché dough, using puff pastry makes it so much more interesting and flavorful.

The buttery nature of the puff pastry works so well with the sharp cheese, salty bacon, and smooth eggs within the filling.

12. Blueberry Tarts

Blueberries are some of the best fruits to put into a tart or a pie. They are full of flavor and incredibly juicy, so making them into a tart is a wonderful idea.

All you really need to do this are a lot of blueberries, sugar, and some ready-made pastry.

These are perfect for both adults and children and will be a smash hit no matter who you give them to.

13. Fig Puff Pastry Ring

Figs have a unique look and flavor that works very well with pastry. Don’t believe us? Just look how well Fig Newtons are doing as a food product!

The best way to enjoy a fig though is to put it in a pastry ring with other sweet fruits.

This type of pastry is great with some cream and is a good way to wile away the summer months without a care in the world.

14. Empanadas

One of the best kinds of pastries there is and beloved throughout the Americas, a well-made Empanada is a thing of beauty.

Seasoned with an array of spices, a beef empanada is juicy with just a hint of heat and boasting lots of flavor.

You can make a batch of these with very little effort, and it is something that you will find yourself continuing to do over the weeks.

15. Napoleons

The classic French dessert is not the easiest to make, but if you use WeWalka puff pastry it is made far easier than it has to be.

All you have to do then is to fill in the sections between with beautiful, sweet custard and wonderful, rich chocolate.

These are far more decadent than they have any right to be and will always be gone within seconds of you placing them down on the table.


WeWalka makes making pastry dishes far, far easier.

Not only are their doughs easy to use, but they taste absolutely delicious as well and are something that could ease up the stress during your cooking.

Mark Williams