15 Best Raspberry Crumble Recipes To Try Today

If you’re like us and enjoy the feeling of making a rich and plentiful dish but also being able to smell the warming aromas of an excellent crumble baking away, it can give a lovely homemade feel to it, and one that is likely going to stay with you for some time.

15 Best Raspberry Crumble Recipes To Try Today

With so many different fillings you can choose from and so many options for spices, crusts, and toppings, this classic British-made dessert can be the light of any dinner party.

But where do you start with your preparations, and if you’re pressed for time, how can you make something simple that might not require a lot of effort to make?

In this guide, we sort through all your options to give you 15 of the best recipes that you can try to make today, as you’ll be eager to get in the kitchen and get started.

1. Apple And Raspberry Crumble

This might look like your classic crumble recipe, but this one has apples, cinnamon, and almonds, which work really well together, and all you need to do is add all your filling on the bottom, then add your crust, and in the oven, it goes. 

You can sprinkle some unrefined sugar over the top if you want to add more richness and want to avoid staples like cinnamon or cumin, so you have a few options on how you want to prepare this. 

2. Two People Raspberry Crumble

A good idea for a nice wintery after-dinner treat, or even a nice date night recipe, you can make it more special by making your own crumble topping for this recipe, or you can stick with the buttery oat brown sugar topping that you can sprinkle over the top. 

You’ll find that each works just as well, and you can mix in some ice cream or even yogurt into the mixture once it’s been cooked for a gooey and a bubbly crust that can be as light or heavy as you like. 

3. Pear And Raspberry Crumble

You can use some nice firm, juicy pears for this recipe, and we guarantee that the dessert is going to be all the better for it, and combine this with the juicy raspberries and the delightful honey, you have a filling that everyone is going to warm up to. 

If you find this sounds a bit plain, you can spruce it up with this vanilla custard sauce recipe, which is going to give your dessert a smoother taste, and you can be as simple or as generous as you like while serving it. 

4. Berry Crumble

If you want to put the tart flavor on full blast, here is where you can get creative and get a nice balance of the sweet flavors with some nice custard or some vanilla ice cream, and here you have heaven on a plate. 

You can use fresh, canned, or frozen berries, and you’ll find any of these will work well, and you can add some lemon zest and some cayenne pepper for the crust for an authentic and mild dessert that is going to be fulfilling as well. 

5. Quick Fresh Raspberry Crumble

If you want a crumble recipe that isn’t shrouded in too much glamour or occasion specific, and you want to make a quick and easy crumble, this one is for you, as you can add your raspberries, cornstarch, sugars, rolled oats, flour, butter, and cinnamon very into one baking dish. 

You can premake the filling if you like for another time, and you’ll find the nice oaty crumble mixture will work into the filling very well. 

6. Whole Grain Raspberry Crumble

You might want a healthier alternative, and if so, we got you covered, as this recipe uses 100% whole grain oats, and you can use less sugar as the raspberries on their own can give a nice tart flavor on their own. 

To get a better consistency, you want to add some of the topping to your filling so it isn’t limited to a tier-based dessert where the flavors feel more isolated, and you can add organic fruit varieties to make your filling taste fresher and more delicious. 

7. Keto-Based Raspberry Crumble

If you’re on a keto diet, this recipe can work for you also, as you can use raspberries, a sugar replacement, almond flour, golden monk fruit, pecans, salt, arrowroot powder, vanilla extract, walnuts, hemp hearts, and unsalted butter, and you have a recipe of success. 

You’ll find that mixing your filler ingredients and processing your crumble mixture is going to leave a smooth and biscuity-type texture that is going to mix well together, and with some keto ice cream leaves you with a nice dessert you can add to your diet. 

8. Peach And Raspberry Crumble

Another delightful dessert that isn’t going to take too much effort and can take up to 30 minutes to thoroughly bake, you can use large or canned peaches with some lemon juice and zest for a flavor that is going to enliven your tastebuds. 

If you’re using canned peaches, you can use the syrup inside and combine it with the cornstarch, but make sure you don’t add too much otherwise, you could end up with a liquid-like filling, so you want some texture to it to keep it interesting. 

9. Fruit Crumble

15 Best Raspberry Crumble Recipes To Try Today (1)

Some would say the ultimate crumble, but we prefer to call this a nice alternative if you have some fruit left over and you’re wondering what you can do with them to make an exciting dessert.

 You can adjust the amount of cornstarch that you use depending on the juiciness of your fruits, and you can pick from any flavorful fruits that have a bit of texture to them and can add a nice juicy mix that combined with cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg is going to be simply wonderful. 

10. Cherry Crumble

Cherries, in general, add a rich flair to any dessert recipe, and this is more true with this one, as you can add some other fruit or a dash of sugar to balance out the tart flavor that is well-known and adored by many. 

You can choose from many kinds of cherry, including the Rainer, bing, Chelan, or the Amarena cherry, and each brings its own kind of sweet flavor.  

11. Cranberry And Apple Crumble

An excellent way to use those cranberries you have and a nice fall or winter dessert can be achieved with this recipe, as you have a buttery brown sugar oat crumb topping and can also be gluten-free, so it is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. 

The cranberry works in this recipe as it adds a bit of sourness to the sweetness of the apples if you use these, and you are left with a syrupy fruit mixture which, once baked, can be a nice recipe to warm up to.

12. Vegan Raspberry Crumble

Your vegan diet is about to get even better with this dessert that you can customize by making your own raspberry chia jam which adds a lovely homemade feel to this dessert, and you’ll find it’s just as rich and flavorful as a regular crumble. 

You can serve this with vegan almond milk ice cream for a nice addition which will make it look and taste very delightful.  

13. Raspberry Crumble Bars

Something a bit different from your usual crumbles but gives you more options and a nice on-the-go treat, these bars use oats, cinnamon, coconut oil, honey, almonds, baking powder, and some sea salt for a unique twist.

You can use either fresh or frozen raspberries, or you can use others, and with some lemon zest makes these a top-tier recipe idea. 

14. Plum Crumble

Use some halved plums in this exciting recipe, and you’ll see the orange zest, light brown sugar, porridge oats, and chopped toasted hazelnuts make an unlikely but very rich dessert, and it is even better as you can add syrup to your plum halves to make them sweeter. 

You can serve this with some clotted cream to add some volume which is going to make it hard to ignore. 

15. Rhubarb Crumble

Another dessert idea that works as a seasonal favorite, you can use any rhubarb you have with some cardamom and brown sugar, which is going to be delightful under a crispy and filling crumble topping.

 Rhubarb can have quite a strong flavor, so you can balance this out with some vanilla, ginger, or orange zest, so you get the perfect ratio every time.

Final Thoughts

We like how varied and wonderful each of these recipes are, and you may not like certain flavors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun making up alternatives and adding your own twist on recipes.

But as long as you enjoy it, nothing else matters, it’s up to you.

Mark Williams