15 Incredible Jiffy Pie Crust Mix Recipes For Home Cooks

The most important part of any successful pie is the crust. Can it really be called a pie without a fully-fledged crust?

The only trouble is when you are making a pie of your own, easily one of the most difficult parts of making your own pie creating the crust itself.

Ordinary pie crust recipes require quite a few ingredients and some real dexterity.

Luckily, Jiffy Pie Crust Mix is here to allay such worries once and for all. It’s a quick-rising pie crust mix that can easily be used to create the pie crust of your dreams.

But how do you actually make good use of it in a larger recipe? What are some awesome dishes that you can make using the pie crust mix?

If you want to make the most of your Jiffy Pie Crust Mix, then you should definitely read on down below, because we are going to take a look at some of the very best recipes that make use of it!

1. Cook Pad

This recipe, titled “‘In a Jiffy’ Cherry Pie” could not have a more appropriate title if it tried! Its use of Jiffy Pie Crust Mix is totally ingenious and totally perfect.

The crust very quickly takes on its characteristic texture upon being baked, leading to a cherry pie that tastes exactly like it has been made by a professional baker!

This recipe shows you how to make the absolute most of cherries to create a pie that is sweet and wholesome, and totally perfect for sharing.

2. Food.Com

Turns out that you can use Jiffy Pie Crust Mix for more than just making pie crusts! The mix also works perfectly for creating delicious cookies that have a great sense of texture, and a sweet taste.

This recipe will show you how to do exactly that, all while creating cookies that look totally unique.

These pinwheel cookies employ a massive helping of shiny green sprinkles across the top to give them not only a crunchy texture but also a very funky appearance!

Try them out for yourself!

3. Key Ingredient

Crumb cake is a totally awesome sweet delight for the senses, thanks to its incredible texture. The crumbs of the cake help to give it a sense of crumbliness that makes every bite interesting. 

And every single crumb of the cake is full of delightful sweetness that will wake your palate up.

This particular recipe is one of the very best because it shows you how to use Jiffy Pie Crust Mix to make it in record time!

4. Gourmandize

There are perhaps very few varieties of pie more iconic than a chicken pot pie.

Chicken pot pies are perfect little servings of savory goodness that will light up your palate with warming flavors, and plenty of fresh goodness.

This particular recipe will show you how to create the perfect chicken pot pie that boasts a perfectly cooked filling that oozes out with every bite, and a flaky and tender crust, made from the Jiffy mix that we all know and love.

5. People One Health

When it comes to sweet pie treats, there are very few that hold a candle to the iconic apple pie.

But what if you could make an apple pie that was not only much easier and quicker to make, but also incredibly low in fat?

If you have been looking for such a magic recipe, then you can rest assured that we have found the one for you.

Though it has a low fat content, this recipe definitely does not lack in terms of flavor, so try it for yourself! 

6. Amanda’s Cookin’

What could be better than Pop-Tarts? How about some handmade Pop-Tarts? If you have never tried making your own Pop-Tarts before, then why not start right here?

This recipe makes perfect use of Jiffy Pie Crust mix to create a vibrant alternative to the world-famous snack that you can easily customize to your own tastes. 

7. Jiffy Mix

If there is any company out there that truly knows how to make the absolute most of Jiffy Pie Crust Mix, then it is definitely the company that makes it, right?

This recipe, direct from the company behind the popular pie crust mix is one of the very best, and this is thanks to how well the company knows the product.

This recipe will show you how to make perfect use of the pie crust mix, to create a pie crust that is flaky and crumbly.

8. Just A Pinch Recipes

If you love peach pie, then we just know that you will totally adore this recipe. It shows you how to create a wonderfully deconstructed version of the classic dessert, all while using Jiffy Pie Crust Mix! 

We totally recommend giving this recipe a try, as it is full of sweet flavors, and makes the most of the iconic Summery fruit!

9. The Recipe Link

Make yourself a snack that is both delightfully flavorful, and incredibly filling using this awesome recipe for cheese straws.

Cheese straws have never been easier to make thanks to this special recipe that makes use of Jiffy Pie Crust Mix to create snacks that fall apart in your mouth, releasing their mature flavors across your mouth in no time. 

You’ve truly never tasted cheese straws quite like them before, they’re much more decadent and much more satisfying to eat.

10. Family Cookbook Project

With just one box of Jiffy Pie Crust Mix, you can quickly create an apple pie that will easily serve a whole family and tastes exactly as you’d expect from the iconic treat.

We totally loved how simple this recipe was, and yet just how incredible the end result ended up tasting. 

11. Chenee Today

Do you just simply love the taste of Jiffy Pie Crust, and wish that you could indulge in the crust alone, without having to bother with making a whole pie just to enjoy it?

Then you will definitely want to give this recipe a crack.

This is also a perfect recipe to keep your eyes on in case you ever find yourself with any extra excess Jiffy Pie Crust left behind.

With plenty of cinnamon flavor included in the mixture, every bite of these baked snacks is both sweet and fiery, also making them perfect for an Autumn or Winter treat!

12. Inspired Taste

We’ve spent a lot of time on this list looking at fruit pies, but we have neglected to mention one of the very best pies of all time: the blueberry pie! 

Oh, the simple pleasures of a blueberry pie!

The way that the juice of the blueberries is slowly released into the crust of the pie, and then explodes into your mouth with each bite is something to be admired. 

And this recipe is one of the best ones to follow if you want to create a blueberry pie of your own.

It’s a very simple recipe, very easy to follow, and the inclusion of Jiffy Pie Crust Mix helps to make it also incredibly quick to make!

We couldn’t get enough of it, and we could see it becoming our preferred method for making the dessert in the future!

13. Deep South Dish

These little hand pies can be filled with absolutely anything you want, and are at their absolute best when filled with fruit, either dried or fresh. 

Once made, the pies are then deep fried, which helps to give them a nice and crispy texture.

These are great for sharing out amongst friends and loved ones, and you will find that they very quickly go down as a total treat! 

14. Margin Making Mom

Yep. Jiffy Mix can also be used to make soft and delicious dumplings that can then be served in a yummy chicken stew, so you can make a perfect comfort dinner that will please everyone at the dinner table. 

The dumplings easily absorbed the sauce from the chicken soup, which helped to make them delightfully moreish to bite into.

15. My Food And Family

What better to close off this list than a simple and sweet recipe that will help you to create delicious treats that can be served out to the whole family all throughout the year? 

These amazing folded cookies are practically bursting with delightful flavor, and thanks to the Jiffy Pie Crust Mix, you won’t have to spend countless hours baking them to perfection.

Instead, you can simply focus on enjoying your delicious cookies at their very best.

To Wrap Up

There are so many different ways that you can make use of Jiffy Pie Crust Mix, many of which don’t even lead to pies in the long run, but the 15 that we have looked at today are undeniably the very best.

If you have some Jiffy Pie Crust Mix left over, then you should definitely try some of these recipes yourself.

Mark Williams