15 Incredible Vanilla Cream Pie Recipes For Home Cooks

Irrespective of whether you are serving vanilla cream pie chilled or directly from the freezer, they are always a phenomenal result for a hot summer’s day.

15 Incredible Vanilla Cream Pie Recipes For Home Cooks

They also only take a few hours to make, making them perfect for gatherings and summer parties!

When making vanilla cream pies from scratch, you do not need to put in a considerable amount of effort, especially with the recipes that I have outlined below.

You will need to exercise patience while your pie’s chill.

Tips For Making Vanilla Cream Pies

If you are new to making vanilla cream pies, or you want to enhance the skills that you already have, you should follow the tips that I have outlined below in order to become a professional in no time at all.

1) Make A Sturdy Pie Crust

One of the key aspects of making vanilla cream pie is ensuring that the crust is sturdy and the filling does not ooze out whenever it is cut.

Using a cookie crumb crust base is advisable and you can do this by using vanilla wafers to add more vanilla flavor to your pie.

If you want to make a vanilla cream pie without baking, you can also crush up some cookies and mix them with melted butter before pressing the rust into a pie dish.

Refrigerating your base until it becomes firm is essential. Blending vanilla essence, sugar, and melted butter with the crumbled cookies is the best way to create a sturdy biscuit base that firmly holds any type of filling. 

2) Cook Your Crust Prior To Adding Filling

If you choose to bake your pie crust, you should ensure that you have cooled it at room temperature prior to adding your filling.

This is essential, especially when you are making custard pies using an egg base and vanilla cream pies!

If you choose to add vanilla ice cream to a pie crust that is fresh out of the oven, then your filling will melt incredibly fast!

3) Use Thickeners When Using Vanilla Custard Filling

Whenever you are using vanilla flavored custard for your vanilla cream pie filling, you should use thickeners like egg yolks and cornstarch in order to thicken your filling appropriately.

This adds more consistency and ensures that your filling holds its shape when your cream pie is sliced.

Adding cornstarch also helps to slow down protein coagulation. This inherently prevents your eggs from becoming curdled when they are heated. 

4) Plan Ahead Appropriately

Once you have filled up your pie crust, you will need to either refrigerate or freeze your pie in order to ensure that it sets properly.

As a general rule of thumb, you will require a minimum of four hours for your pie to set.

However, you can also refrigerate or freeze your pie overnight whenever you plan ahead, this is incredibly important for summertime parties and gatherings.

Your cream pie will be wonderfully cool and sturdy enough for your guests to enjoy so long as you prepare It in advance. 

5) Use Whipped Cream

Whenever you are topping your vanilla cream pie, you should use stabilized whipped cream and add some vanilla extract for added vanilla essence.

This adds an abundance of vanilla-based flavor to your pie.

When using traditional whipped cream, you should add some ‘Whip it’ to your cream in order to ensure that it remains fluffy.

Vanilla Cream Pie Recipes

If you are a lover of vanilla cream pies, you will not be disappointed by the recipes that I have outlined below.

These recipes are tailored to be cream pie recipes of various kinds, however, all that you need to do is add vanilla extract to the following recipes in order to indulge in the finest vanilla-laden flavors.

1) Chocolate & Vanilla Cream Pie

This silky-smooth chocolate cream pie recipe is to die for! This has always been a well-known family favorite in regards to cream pies!

This recipe cultivates a homemade chocolate pudding filling that has an abundance of fluffy cream and a dark chocolate cookie base.

In order to make this a vanilla cream pie, you will need to add vanilla extra to your chocolate cream filling for the perfect amalgamation of flavors.

2) Mile-High Chocolate & Vanilla Cream Pie

Again, this recipe showcases the finest chocolate cream pie that is guaranteed to have your head in the clouds with its heavenly essence.

You simply need to add vanilla extract to the filling in order to fuse the wholesome taste of vanilla with the hearty chocolate cream.

3) Banana & Vanilla Cream Pie

Everyone knows that vanilla and banana work wonderfully together. This recipe outlines how to make the perfect banana cream pie.

All you need to do is add vanilla extract to your mixture in order to enhance this recipe and amalgamate two of the finest dessert flavors of all time!

4) Key Lime & Vanilla Pie

This recipe outlines how to make the perfect key lime and vanilla pie.

You can enhance this pie dish even more by adding an abundance of vanilla extract to your recipe.

While some of you may recoil at the idea of mixing vanilla and lime, it actually creates a flavor sensation that you do not want to miss out on!

5) Oatmeal & Vanilla Cream Pie

Oatmeal and vanilla are a match made in heaven. This recipe outlines how to make the best oatmeal cream pie that provides you with all of the hearty tastes you desire.

Again, you simply need to add vanilla essence to your cream filling in order to amalgamate the two flavors. 

6) Blueberry & Vanilla Ice Cream Pie

If you are a lover of blueberries, then you need to wrap your jaws around this phenomenal, fruit-laden cream pie.

Simply adding vanilla extract to this recipe ensures that you receive the abundance of vanilla cream that you are desiring.

7) Cookies & Cream Vanilla Cream Pie

This is one of the most unique options on this list, and the cookies are certainly eye-catching.

This recipe outlines how to make a cookies and cream pie specifically, however, you can enhance your recipe by adding an abundance of vanilla extract to your mixture, ensuring that you receive all the vanilla-laden tastes that your heart desires.

You can also serve your cookies alongside vanilla ice cream for added flavor.

8) Frozen Gingersnap Pumpkin & Vanilla Pie

This hearty recipe is perfect for Halloween and the fall season. However, pumpkin pie can also be devoured at all times of the year.

The addition of gingersnap makes this recipe a standout option in regards to pies.

However, you can add vanilla into the mixture to ensure that you further enhance the layered flavoring that is contained within this pie dish.

9) Coconut & Vanilla Cream Pie

Coconut and vanilla are two flavors that work together in perfect harmony.

Thus, all you need to do to enhance this coconut cream pie recipe, is add an abundance of vanilla extract to your creamy filling.

This will ensure that the flavors of this pie are pronounced and wonderfully blended together.

10) Peanut Butter & Vanilla Pie

You may think that peanut butter and vanilla should not mix together. However, you are wrong.

These flavors match one another wonderfully, providing contrasting scents that tantalize your taste buds.

In order to turn this peanut butter pie recipe into a vanilla-based haven, you simply need to add vanilla extract to your pie.

11) Frozen Strawberry & Vanilla Cream Pie

Strawberry and vanilla are another match made in heaven.

This applies regardless of whether you are using fresh strawberries or frozen strawberries.

It also applies irrespective of whether you are making a cream pie or a cheesecake!

In order to further enhance this traditional strawberry cream pie recipe, you simply need to add vanilla extract to your original mixture. 

12) Lemon & Vanilla Meringue Pie

For those of you who prefer meringue as opposed to cream fillings, you should follow this recipe for lemon meringue pie while doctoring it to add in an abundance of vanilla-laden flavor.

This will inherently fuse these two contrasting flavors together, resulting in an alternative recipe that you can relish in making.

13) S’more Pudding Pie (With Vanilla)

Follow this original recipe for S’more Pudding Pie if you would rather a pudding pie as opposed to a traditional vanilla cream version.

However, you should opt to use vanilla extract regardless, as this will further enhance the taste and texture of your pie.

14) Old Fashioned Butterscotch & Vanilla Pie

Nothing works better than butterscotch and vanilla. The result of these amalgamated flavors is a pie that is fused with enhanced texture and taste.

If you are looking for cream-laden satisfaction, then you should follow this recipe for making butterscotch pie while also adding in an abundance of vanilla extract to make the perfect butterscotch and vanilla cream filling.

15) Vanilla Cream Pie (Baked)

This vanilla-laden pie is the simplest form of vanilla cream pie that you can make.

It contains a vast array of flavor irrespective of its simplistic nature, and this is the perfect pie for lovers of all things vanilla!

Bonus: No-bake Vanilla Cream Pie

If you would prefer to make a vanilla cream pie without the hassle of baking it, then you should opt for this alternative recipe that showcases how to make a vanilla cream pie from scratch without needing to bake it in an oven.


To conclude, this article has outlined 15 amazingly tasty vanilla cream pies that you can easily bake from the comfort of your own home.

I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative. Thank you for reading.

Mark Williams